CEO Message

We Can Change the World

Thirty-three years have passed since SoftBank was founded in 1981.
In that time, we have helped to change Japan through the
Information Revolution.

From our 34th year onward, I hope to begin the second stage of our journey;
I want us to spread our wings and change the whole world through the
Information Revolution.

First, we will focus on the U.S., which has the world's largest GDP,
and a growing population.

Having acquired Sprint last year, we will now infuse it with our expertise,
experience, technologies, and passion to provide the U.S. with the
world's No.1 mobile Internet service.

As we confirmed in our “Next 30-Year Vision,” which we created in 2010,
our ultimate goal is to alleviate sadness and increase everyone's happiness
to the greatest extent possible through the Information Revolution.

That's why we are trying to change the world—because we want to
make everyone happy.

July 2014 Masayoshi Son Chairman & CEO