Message from Chairman & CEO

Taking our Information Revolution vision worldwide

Masayoshi Son  SoftBank Group Representative

In July 2015, we changed the name of SoftBank Corp. to SoftBank Group Corp. This signified our resolve to transition from a Japanese company with some global assets to a global entity that can grow sustainably over the long-term.
Nikesh Arora assumed the position of Representative Director, President & COO of SoftBank Group Corp. I am extremely pleased to have such an outstanding business leader like Nikesh with us. I am certain he will drive the SoftBank Group's growth strategy to a new level.

In Japan, our four telecommunications companies merged and began a fresh start as SoftBank Corp. Led by President & CEO Ken Miyauchi, the new company is taking up challenges in new business areas such as IoT and AI, in addition to operating the domestic telecommunications business. In 2015, we also sold over 7,000 units of ‘Pepper’, the world's first personal robot that has its own emotions. Pepper is now active in various industry fields in Japan, and I am sure there will be opportunities to see Pepper active outside Japan in the days to come. Furthermore, in April 2016, SoftBank Corp. will start retailing electricity to homes in Japan. We look forward to providing new services made possible by the convergence of telecommunications and power.

In the U.S., Sprint Corporation is making steady progress on its path to rebuilding. Thanks to the strong leadership of CEO Marcelo Claure, and the continued efforts of his diverse and experienced executive team, key management indicators are showing signs of improvement. Furthermore, our portfolio companies in India, Southeast Asia and other regions are enjoying healthy growth due to their innovative management teams and their business models that utilize the latest technologies.

We are committed to promoting the adoption of renewable energy together with our strong business partners, both in Japan and abroad. In 2015, we began operating an additional eight solar power plants in Japan, bringing our total number of plants in operation to 24 and output capacity to 257.5MW (equivalent to power for approximately 72,000 households). We also won the bid for a 350MW solar power project in India. In addition to helping Japan meet its targets for the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21, we aim to contribute to our planet's environment on a global level.

The SoftBank Group's advantage is that it has outstanding management teams leading their respective businesses under a shared corporate philosophy, “Information Revolution—Happiness for everyone”. I believe the continually advancing Information Revolution will lend us the wisdom and strength to address humanity's previously unsolvable problems and help us make a positive impact on all of society. By innovating and growing, it is our strong wish to continue as the leading corporate group at the forefront of the Information Revolution.

Masayoshi Son
SoftBank Group Representative
January, 2016