The SoftBank Group is an internet-based innovator
operating a wide range of sector-leading businesses

The SoftBank Group has based its business growth on the Internet. The Group is currently engaged in various businesses in the information industry, including mobile communications, fixed-line telecommunications, and Internet services.

Mobile Communications Segment

The Mobile Communications segment provides, mainly through SoftBank Corp., mobile communication services, and sale of mobile handsets and accessories.

Sprint Segment

The Sprint segment provides, through Sprint, mobile communication services, sale of mobile handsets and accessories accompanying the mobile communication services, and the fixed-line telecommunication services in the U.S.

Fixed-line Telecommunications Segment

The Fixed-line Telecommunications segment provides, mainly through SoftBank Corp., telecommunication services such as data communication and fixed-line telephone service for corporate customers, and broadband service for individual customers.

Internet Segment

The Internet segment provides, mainly through Yahoo Japan Corporation, Internet-based advertising operations.


Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS related business and various other businesses

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    The Sprint segment is newly established from the three-month period ended September 30, 2013 by the consolidation of Sprint in July 2013.
    For the three-month period ended September 30, 2013, the Company changed the names of the segments. The previous Domestic Mobile Communications is presented as the Mobile Communications. Also, the previous Domestic Fixed-line Telecommunications is presented as the Fixed-line Telecommunications.