Domestic Telecommunications Segment

Toward the No. 1 mobile Internet
core company

SoftBank Corp., a core company in the domestic telecommunications segment, fuses leading-edge technologies with the mobile Internet to deliver products and services that transform lifestyles. By working closely with its partners around the world and leveraging synergies from the various business domains of Group companies that have high affinities, SoftBank Corp. aims to be the “No. 1 mobile Internet core company” that creates and provides next-generation services and business models.

Basic information

Main Businesses
  • Provision of mobile communications services in Japan
  • Sale of mobile devices in Japan
  • Provision of broadband services to retail customers in Japan
  • Provision of telecom services to corporate customers in Japan, such as data communications and fixed-line telephone services
Core Companies


SoftBank not only provides a mobile network, key infrastructure for the mobile Internet, and mobile devices, it provides a variety of services that include mobile commerce in close association with Yahoo Japan and smartphone applications that tap “IBM Watson,” which was jointly developed with IBM Japan.

Communication services

For consumers, SoftBank offers mobile communication services under the “SoftBank” and “Y!mobile” brands and data and fixed-line communication services such as the “SoftBank Hikari” and “Yahoo! BB” broadband services. For businesses, SoftBank offers dedicated fixed-line communications services. Wireless City Planning offers Broadband Wireless Access systems using the 2.5GHz band.

Mobile communication services

SoftBank and Yahoo Japan launched a mobile commerce service that enables customers to easily and conveniently use Internet shopping and other “Yahoo! JAPAN” services on their smartphones. Starting with “Yahoo! Shopping,” from October, SoftBank plans to expand its lineup of mobile commerce services in the days ahead.

Personal brain “IBM Watson”

SoftBank is an approved technology partner to provide IBM Watson solutions in Japan. IBM Watson technology is expected to be used across a variety of platforms, including PCs, tablets and robots. SoftBank plans to promote IBM Watson's adoption among an even greater number of customers.

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