The SoftBank Group strives to meet the expectations of the public through business activities that contribute to society.

The SoftBank Group fulfills its social responsibility with regard to “maximizing enterprise value” and “contributing to people and society” as stated in the corporate philosophy of the Group. The Group also lives up to trust and expectations of all stakeholders by increasing its enterprise value through reinforcement of its management organization, compliance with laws, regulations and social norms and careful information security management.

CEO Message

Guided by the SoftBank Group CSR Principles, which are based on our corporate philosophy, we are building stronger foundations of trust in areas such as compliance and information security to live up to the expectations of all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees and business partners.
CEO Message

SoftBank Group CSR

CSR Principles

CSR principles of the SoftBank Group

CSR Promotion Structure

CSR promotion structure of the SoftBank Group

CSR Performance

Major achievements in FY2012 and targets & plans for FY2013

What the SoftBank Group can do

CSR for Disaster Areas

Information is a lifeline. The SoftBank Group carries out its social responsibilities as a company responsible for critical infrastructure.

CSR for a Healthy Internet Society

The SoftBank Group is creating a healthy Internet society.

CSR for the Next Generation

The SoftBank Group is working to inspire the next generation with dreams and ambitions.

CSR for the Future of Our Planet (Environmental Conservation)

The SoftBank Group is committed to protecting the earth for future generations.

CSR for Customers

The SoftBank Group stays customer-focused.

CSR for Shareholders

The SoftBank Group strives to meet shareholders' expectations.

CSR for Employees

The SoftBank Group nurtures its employees' motivation and pride.

CSR for Business Partners

The SoftBank Group evolves together with business partners.


Corporate Governance
The SoftBank Group is committed to maintaining high standards of management and corporate governance.
Risk Management
The SoftBank Group has a carefully planned internal organizational structure and maintains close relations with government agencies.
To SoftBank Group directors and employees, compliance is not merely about obeying laws, but also about acting with high ethical standards.
Information Security
The SoftBank Group works to ensure full security by maintaining a strong information security management system.