Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support

As part of our hopes for a rapid recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the SoftBank Group continues to support victims of the disaster.

As the SoftBank Group works to ensure disaster preparedness, we also work to support the people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

People have told us they want to support victims and those involved in restoration efforts, and they have asked what they can do to help the children supporting the region's recovery, both now and for the future. We at the SoftBank Group have listened to these voices, and we are working with our customers to provide continuous support.

For the futures of the high school students undertaking the role of reconstruction

Since 2012, SoftBank Group Corp. has supported TOMODACHI, a Japan-U.S. exchange initiative led by the U.S. Embassy in Japan and the U.S.-Japan Council, a non-profit educational organization. Participants study leadership and community contributions during a 3-week program at the University of California, Berkley. Many of this program's alumni are making use of what they learnt for the benefit of their local communities and have demonstrated leadership in a range of arenas.

On-going support activities for affected areas

The SoftBank Group has been engaged in activities to support Great East Japan Earthquake recovery efforts, such as lending out mobile devices and collecting relief money immediately after the disaster, and continues to work to provide support that leverages our expertise and resources as an Internet company.

Working with customers to support children in affected areas

SoftBank Corp.

In August 2011 and December 2012 respectively, with the goal of providing on-going support to areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, SoftBank Corp. (“SB”) started Charity White, a program that allows customers to make donations along with their monthly payments.

Under the Charity White program, customers donate 10 yen per month on top of their monthly usage charge. SB matches this donation (10 yen per customer) so that a total of 20 yen per customer per month goes to the Central Community Chest of Japan and Ashinaga charities to support children in affected areas.

Preserving memories of the disaster area

Yahoo Japan Corporation

Yahoo Japan co-sponsors the Tour de Tohoku, a bicycle ride along the coastline affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The purpose is to support disaster reconstruction and preserve records of the disaster for the future.

The 2013 Tour de Tohoku attracted 1,316 participants, who rode along the tsunami-damaged Sanriku coast of Miyagi prefecture.

In 2014, the event's second year, a new 220-km course to Kesennuma was established and the number of participants more than doubled to 2,957.

Yahoo Japan will continue to hold the Tour de Tohoku over the next ten years, as it hopes to grow the event into something that people from around the world with an interest in the rebuilding of Tohoku can enjoy. Profits from the event go towards reviving cycling tourism and maintaining cycling roads in the Tohoku region.

Broadening the circle of support

SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp. (“SB”) supports the Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation's declaration, “Never forget that day.” The company runs a program called “Charity Mobile Phones for Tohoku—Broadening the Circle of Reconstruction Support,” through which it lends mobile phones free of charge at events nationwide in support of reconstruction efforts.

Many reconstruction-support organizations are experiencing a decline in donations over time. Therefore, SB has created a system where it will cover communications costs for managing an event, on the condition that the event organizer donates the proceeds to reconstruction-support organizations. Increasing charity events in this way helps revive donations to reconstruction-support organizations.

Providing on-going support for reviving Tohoku's economy

SoftBank Corp., Yahoo Japan Corporation, SB Gift

SoftBank Corp., Yahoo Japan and SB Gift are issuing electronic gift certificates called Gift Tickets for Reconstruction that are exchangeable for Housing Eco-points under the Reconstruction Program run by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Ministry of the Environment.

Points are earned through building or retrofitting energy efficient houses, and each point can be exchanged for a 1-yen Gift Ticket for Reconstruction. These gift tickets can be used at places including the Fukko Department online department store and SoftBank shops in affected regions.

Through Gift Tickets for Reconstruction, the SoftBank Group intends to provide continuous support for the economic revitalization of affected regions.

SoftBank Corp.

In an effort to create jobs in the Sousou region* of Fukushima Prefecture, SoftBank Corp. (“SB”) has been entrusted with the Mobile Application Creator Training Course, organized by the Sousoukoyo job-creation council, and is providing support in overall course and progress management and in attendees' independent study. The program has trained 37 students in the approximately two years since it started on August 22, 2012. SB aims to provide on-going support for creating local jobs in the IT industry.

  • *
    Comprising 12 municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture: Soma, Minamisoma, Hirono, Naraha, Tomioka, Kawauchi, Okuma, Futaba, Namie, Katsurao, Shinchi and Iitate.

Yahoo Japan Corporation

Yahoo Japan runs Fukko Department, an online department store selling delicious foods and specialty products from the Tohoku region, which opened on 14 December, 2011. From March 2013, the earthquake's second anniversary, the site began the Manufacturing Support Project, which creates new brands and develops new products through collaboration between various people and businesses. By highlighting Tohoku's traditional goods and specialties, as well as new and unique products, Yahoo Japan is working together with the people of Tohoku to create a new consumer mindset; one in which consumers purchase Tohoku products not from a sense of charity, but because of their intrinsic quality and appeal.

Providing support through online services

Vector Inc.

Vector supports reconstruction of affected areas through its game Finding Neverland Online, using its Alpaca mascot in the Alpaca Leaf Project, which plans and implements various reconstruction support projects. As of June 1, 2014, they have implemented 53 projects and collected 17,867,575 yen for donation to the Japan Red Cross Society and other charities supporting reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Yahoo Japan Corporation

After the Great East Japan Earthquake Yahoo Japan promptly provided earthquake-related information via a special webpage and launched a variety of support initiatives. Three years have passed since the disaster, and Yahoo Japan has opened a Reconstruction Support Portal to shift the focus from remembering and thinking to concrete actions such as knowing, buying, meeting, and visiting. The Reconstruction Support Portal supports reconstruction support initiatives by featuring a variety of information on Tohoku, fund-raising and volunteering, as well as its Photo Preservation Project, which records and preserves for future generations Tohoku's appearance before the Great East Japan Earthquake and as reconstruction continues. Yahoo Japan will continue to work with its users and with the people of Tohoku to support the region's recovery.

Yahoo Japan has been running Great East Japan Earthquake charity auctions since March 24, 2011, which, by auctioning objects donated by celebrities, have raised over 600 million yen (as of May 2014), all of which has been given to organizations supporting reconstruction in Tohoku.

Donations and assistance to support reconstruction

Channeling the generosity of the public to the affected areas

SoftBank Corp. (“SB”) set up a system that allows customers to make disaster relief donations from SoftBank mobile phones and smartphones, and conducted a fundraising drive at SoftBank shops. Smartphone users were able to use the SoftBank Simple Donation application to make a donation along with their mobile phone charges*1. SB implemented schemes to allow users to donate using a credit card, SoftBank Money, or SoftBank Mileage Points.

Yahoo Japan, Japan's biggest portal site, began accepting online donations through its Emergency Disaster Fund from the evening of March 11, 2011. As of January 2012, it had raised about 1.37 billion yen through the generosity of the public. Yahoo Japan services such as Yahoo! Auctions and Yahoo! Shopping are also running donation programs.

Name Period Amount donated Principal recipient
SoftBank Corp.*2, SoftBank BB Corp.*2 Charity White August 1, 2011 - 888,583,048 yen*3 Central Community Chest of Japan
SoftBank Corp. (currently SoftBank Group Corp.) Study Fund donation for scholarships for high school students March 8-23 2012 11,053,770 yen Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation
Great East Japan Earthquake Donation Project March - July 2011 218,158,515 yen*4 Japan Platform
Japanese Red Cross Society
Central Community Chest of Japan
Yahoo Japan Corporation March 2011 - January 31, 2012 1,371,453,800 yen*5 Japanese Red Cross Society
Central Community Chest of Japan
Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures
Carview Corporation March 13 - April 30, 2011 4,208,000 yen Japanese Red Cross Society
SB Players Corp. Through March 31, 2011 78,000,000 yen Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures
  • *1
    Available for iPhone from March 17, 2011 and for SoftBank smartphones from March 22, 2011.
  • *2
    SoftBank BB Corp., SoftBank Telecom Corp. and Ymobile Corporation merged into SoftBank Mobile Corp. on April 1, 2015. SoftBank Mobile Corp. changed its company name to SoftBank Corp. on July 1, 2015.
  • *3
    As of March 13, 2015.
  • *4
    As of August 31, 2011.
  • *5
    As of March 30, 2012.

Relief money and aid donations by SoftBank Group

Donations of relief money and aid by SoftBank Group Corp. (“SBG”) and its Group companies and individually by SBG's Chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son are used to provide funding to organizations such as local governments, NGOs, public service corporations and NPOs to help restore the disaster-affected area and daily life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Principal SoftBank Group donations (As of November 14, 2014)

Name Amount donated Recipient / Amount
SoftBank Corp.
(currently SoftBank Group Corp.)
1 billion yen Japanese Red Cross Society 400 million yen
Central Community Chest of Japan 400 million yen
Ashinaga 200 million yen
Yahoo Japan Corporation Approx. 326 million yen Japanese Red Cross Society 100 million yen
NIED 100 million yen
Central Community Chest of Japan 100 million yen
Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation Approx. 26 million yen
Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS Corp. 35 million yen Do for Japan from Fukuoka
GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. 10 million yen Japanese Red Cross Society
IDC Frontier Inc. Approx. 5 million yen UNICEF
NC Japan K.K. 500 million yen Japanese Red Cross Society
Carview Corporation 20 million yen Japanese Red Cross Society
Vector Inc. 5 million yen Japanese Red Cross Society
Masayoshi Son (individually) 10 billion yen Japanese Red Cross Society 1 billion yen
Central Community Chest of Japan 1 billion yen
UNICEF Japan, others 600 million yen
Direct donations to affected municipalities 3.4 billion yen
Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation 4 billion yen
All remuneration received as SoftBank Group's representative until retirement