CSR for Disaster Areas

Information = Lifeline Maintaining this link is our social responsibility

At the SoftBank Group, we recognize that information is a lifeline and we want our customers to have peace of mind as they use our services. That is why we work day in, day out to make sure we are ready for a disaster, and in the event of one occurring we do everything we can to restore our telecommunications network to normal as quickly as possible and provide support to customers in the affected areas.

Support activities after the Great East Japan Earthquake

We extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to all those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

We feel a deep respect and gratitude to the hardworking individuals who have been involved in the recovery effort in the disaster-affected areas. Inspired by their dedication, we are continuing to play our own part in supporting the recovery effort, while also preparing for possible future disasters.

Support activities for disaster areas

In the event of a major disaster, we examine what each of the business units of the SoftBank Group can and should do to help people in the affected areas. We then implement a range of initiatives based on these assessments.