Maintaining Health and Safety in the Workplace

Protecting employee health with the Wellness Center

The SoftBank Group

The SoftBank Group has established a Wellness Center with medical and mental health expert staff stationed on a full-time basis, helping to ensure the mental and physical health of all employees is maintained so they can remain fully motivated and work to the best of their abilities. The Wellness Center has industrial physicians and nurses who provide employees with consultation on physical and mental health issues, run medical checkups and work to support employee health. In an effort to address underlying health problems at the earliest possible stage, industrial physicians also conduct interviews with employees whose overtime work hours exceed a certain level.

Besides, a self-checking system is in place on the Web to allow employees to measure and be aware of their own stress levels so that they can prevent stress-induced health problems and to enhance their health.

In addition, email newsletters and essays by industrial physicians and nurses are distributed on a regular basis, covering various health-related topics such as dry eye syndrome, backache, sleeping disorder and mental health issues, and their symptoms, causes, preventive measures and treatment.

At the Massage Room, employees can get a massage to refresh and to prevent general fatigue, eyestrain, and backache caused by extended computer-use or physical exertion.

The Wellness Center is also a place where employees can seek consultation on a range of issues such as career goals, office politics, work-life balance, job responsibility and childcare issues. Full-time certified counselors stationed at the Wellness Center provide counseling and coaching to employees interactively, helping to alleviate work-related stress. The dialogue also helps employees to maintain balance between career success and their personal lives, which in turn helps them to achieve their career objectives.

Besides, counselors at the Wellness Center provide seminars on various topics including basic knowledge about mental health, stress management and workplace communications with a view to prevent or educate on health programs. In particular, the seminar for supervisors, who welcome their subordinates returning to the workplace after long absence leaves, plays a part in facilitating such returners to settle in again.

Offering mentoring in the workplace with the Peer Supporter system

The SoftBank Group

Peer Supporters are selected from those employees who applied for the role with qualifications as an industrial counselor or a career consultant certificate, or with equivalent knowledge and experience. They are trained, certified and work as volunteers. In addition to their regular jobs, Peer Supporters offer consultation to their colleagues about jobs, careers, work environment, and work-life balance, as well as continual reminders of their roles as helping hands at the workplace. When they feel it is necessary, they refer certain cases to industrial physicians or counselors at the Wellness Center.

SoftBank Group Corp. and some SoftBank Group companies maintain this Peer Supporter system. Employees working as Peer Supporters wear a pink-colored ID strap as a symbol of the services they provide. Employees often encounter problems that they are reluctant to discuss with their bosses, or issues they are unwilling to discuss at the Wellness Center to receive counseling on. The friendly advice that Peer Supporters provide in these circumstances helps to ensure that physical and mental issues are addressed at an early stage and that workplace improvements are facilitated.

Preventing workplace harassment

The SoftBank Group

The SoftBank Group provides awareness training through topic-based seminars and e-learning for all workers with the goal of ensuring a healthy and safe workplace free of all forms of harassment.

We have established a primary contact point for consultation to respond promptly and appropriately should a harassment incident occur. As part of that response, a staff member at the primary contact point first listens to what happened and together with the employee decides on the next steps. All consultations are handled with complete confidentiality.