Addressing Diverse Needs

The SoftBank Group delivers
the benefits of an Internet society,
and responds to its diverse needs.

The SoftBank Group works to realize an Internet society where anyone can connect with anyone else, at any time and anywhere. We aim to be the lifestyle company of the 21st century by making people's lives more convenient, more enriched, and more enjoyable.

We want to deliver what our customers and society truly need without being constrained by the conventional.
We want to increase people's enjoyment of the Internet.

The SoftBank Group delivers the benefits of an Internet society, and responds to its diverse needs.

Promoting an inclusive society

The SoftBank Group

SoftBank Corp. offers a special Priority Discount to customers with disabilities as well as specialized services for those with different disabilities, including a help desk where customers can communicate through sign language.

The SoftBank Group aims to create a society in which information technology provides the means for anyone to communicate. We are enabling people with disabilities to participate in society through initiatives in a number of areas. These include our application for learning sign language called Game de manaberu shuwa jiten; our Mobile Remote Information Assuring System, which can be used via mobile phones; and our Magic Lamp project, which assists children with disabilities through the use of handheld terminals.

Senior-friendly services

SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank offers Simple Smartphone, and Simple Smartphone 2, devices designed specifically with senior citizens in mind—even those who have never used a smartphone before. Large menu displays and keys make reading and typing easier, and users can quickly make calls or send messages to frequently-used contacts. Magnification is made simple through an Easy Zoom function along with an Easy Push Sensing function that reduces input errors. In addition to catering to seniors needs, SoftBank is supporting senior citizens’ active lifestyles with a focus on travel, including a Travel Memories feature that records information such as location, weather, and number of steps to each photo taken.

Solutions to everyday problems

SoftBank Corp., EDUAS Corp.

Since June 2009, SoftBank and EDUAS, together with the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, have been working to provide children with disabilities opportunities for social participation, through the use of handheld terminals. In addition, SoftBank has set up a page on its website called “Solutions to everyday problems—simple, convenient mobile usage techniques.” This page uses familiar and easy-to-understand illustrations to show how both people with and without disabilities can use handheld terminals to overcome difficulties they might face in their everyday lives.

Supporting the second careers of retired pro baseball players

SB Human Capital Corp.

SB Human Capital, together with the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association, provides E-CAREER NEXTFIELD, a program that alleviates the worries that professional baseball players may have about their second career after they leave active duty on the field. For players who have devoted their lives to baseball, sometimes their second careers can last longer than their careers as professional athletes.

E-CAREER NEXTFIELD raises active players' consciousness about their second careers and backs up their potential for activities by alleviating their concerns about the future. By constructing an environment for them to shine in their second life and providing choices, the program aims to contribute to a healthy society.

Regional development in Fukuoka through industry-academia-government collaboration

Cyber University

Cyber University Inc. provides the Cyber University IT and Business Seminar, a series of free lectures on the latest IT technologies and business trends that are making news in the IT-communication industry. The lectures are held jointly with Fukuoka Business Creation Center (FBCC) with the goals of cultivating IT and business skills and promoting industrial activity in Fukuoka City.

The course is taught by a mixture of in-house instructors and guest lecturers—including local experts, prominent IT business leaders, and SoftBank Group employees—and are held on themes such as “The merits of cloud computing for SMEs” and “Security on social media.” For those who cannot physically attend the course, all lectures are available free on-demand from the Cyber University official website and are iPhone and iPad compatible.

Cyber University aims to continue to make regional social contributions through this and other industry-academia-government collaborations.