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Before visiting SoftBank Shop

What You Need to Bring
Before visiting SoftBank Shop
At SoftBank Shop
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Prepare required documents

Valid Personal Identification

One of the following is required to verify identification.

A. Certificate of Alien Registration + Passport  B. National Health Insurance Card + Certificate of Residence or other valid document  C. Student ID + National Health Insurance Card  D. Driver痴 License  E. Japanese Passport  F. Physical Disability Certificate or Certificate for Persons with Mental Handicaps  G. Credit Card + National Health Insurance Card


H. Valid identification (any of A-G) for applicant + SoftBank Parent/Legal Guardian Authorization Form + Valid identification for parent/legal guardian. (any of A-G above..)

Details on verifying identification(both individuals and corporations)

Payment method confirmation document

Payments related to the iPad can only be paid through a credit card.

  • A valid credit card is required when applying for a iPad and its services. If a credit card cannot be verified, the ipad subscription contract cannot be made.

Customers who purchase the iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular model at its all-in-once price (one-time payment) can use cash or a bank transfer (including those with the Japan Post Bank) as the payment method.

  • If using a bank transfer, your bank passbook or cash card and seal are required to verify the bank account number. If the cash card of your bank supports Pay-easy, bank transfers can be processed promptly at SoftBank shop.

Where to buy

iPad is only available at select SoftBank Shops. Please check before visiting a specific shop.

Stores where you can buy iPad