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Product registration and settings after signup

Syncing with iTunes

To register, connect the iPad to a computer with iTunes 9.1 or later installed. Create an Apple ID or enter an existing one. The iPad requires an Apple ID to use all of its functions and services.

Register My SoftBank account

Create a My SoftBank account to be able to check monthly statements, register information online and receive support.

Set E mail (i) address

Your E mail (i) address can be changed at the My SoftBank page.

Register My SoftBank (Prepaid Charge) for subscribers to the iPad Prepaid Plan

Subscribers of the iPad Prepaid Plan must register a My SoftBank (Prepaid Charge) before they can use their iPad. A valid credit card and email address is required to register for a My SoftBank prepaid account.

Please make sure to register your iPad within 30 days after it is purchased and a contract is signed. If registration is not complete within 30 days, the subscription/service will automatically be canceled.