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What You Need to Bring

Getting Started

Application Description

  • 1. Before Applying
  • 2. After Applying

Prepare documents needed to complete application.

New customers only Using Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

Those wishing to transfer current mobile number to SoftBank via MNP,

Applying as a Minor

Individuals over 12 years of age, but under 20, must complete the following form and get signature/seal of parent/guardian before visiting a SoftBank Shop.

At SoftBank Shop

1.Valid Personal Identification & Required Items


Bring any one of the following documents (A through G).

A. Certificate of Alien Registration + Passport  B. National Health Insurance Card + Certificate of Residence or other valid document  C. Student ID + National Health Insurance Card  D. Driver痴 License  E. Japanese Passport  F. Physical Disability Certificate or Certificate for Persons with Mental Handicaps  G. Credit Card + National Health Insurance Card


H. Valid identification (any of A-G) for applicant + SoftBank Parent/Legal Guardian Authorization Form + Valid identification for parent/legal guardian. (any of A-G above..)

If the address on your application is different from your actual address, you will need one of the following.
(The name must match the name on the document you provide for personal identification)

Certificate of items stated in Resident RegisterReceipt of utility bill (Electricity, Gas, or Water)A document issued by public office

Details on verifying identification(both individuals and corporations

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments may be made by bank transfer or credit card.

  • Please present account details (number, passbook/cash card, seal/signature for account), or credit card. Application cannot be completed without payment document verification.
  • If cash card is Pay-easy compatible, make bank transfer at SoftBank Shop.

White Plan Family Discount 24 & Other Family Discount Plans

Family discount plan subscribers must also submit the following documents:

Valid identification (any of A-G above) for primary person on contract + valid identification (any of A-G above)for each family discount subscriber

  • SoftBank must be able to verify identification of a family or group member to add iPhone to existing family discount subscription.
  • If a family member's surname is the same but address differs, National Insurance Card bearing the same family discount subscriber address must be presented.
  • SoftBank policy may not permit adding some family discount services.

2.Choosing Price Plan & Applying for Service

Select basic price plan, packet payment plan, compatible discount services, and optional services.

3.License Agreement

Verify and sign licensing agreement for iPhone software, Google Maps, and YouTube.
SoftBank also explains other important terms and conditions.

4.Application Fee

Application processing fee of ¥3,150 (includes tax) is included in first invoice.
Same fee is assessed even if iPhone is purchased from another retailer.

New Contracts

Contract handling fees: ¥3,150
It will be added to your first bill.

Contract changes and Model upgrading

Changes from 3G to 4G/4G LTE (Contract changes):¥3,150 Same-Generation Changes (Model Changes):Changes from 3G to 3G No Charge Changes from 4G/4G LTE to 4G/4G LTE ¥2,100

If there are monthly installments still remaining from your previous contract when you change models, the remaining monthly installments must be paid. In addition, “Monthly Discounts” from your previous contract will no longer be applicable.

  • If a new USIM card needs to be reissued, an issuing fee of ¥1,995 (including tax) will be added to your first bill.

5.iPhone Activation

SoftBank Shop staff will activate your iPhone.

6.Product Warranty

Standard Warranty is effective for one year from purchase date. Printed register receipt is proof of purchase date, so please keep it in a safe place. For accessories, purchase receipt is proof of warranty.

Important Information


  1. 1. Sync with iTunes 9.2 or later and complete product registration to access all features.

    Without iTunes, iPhone functions are limited to calls and SMS, etc.

  2. 2. iPhone USIM Card is exclusive (cannot be used with SoftBank 3G handsets).

    When adding SoftBank 3G to iPhone, or vice versa, exclusive iPhone USIM Card will
    be re-issued. SoftBank 3G USIM Card cannot be used.
    To replace exclusive iPhone USIM Card, take iPhone to SoftBank Shop.
    Service fee to re-issue USIM Card is ¥1,995 (includes tax).

Fees & Charges

  1. 1. In addition to Basic Price Plan, iPhone requires subscription to S! Basic Pack and Flat rate packet service.
  2. 2. In general, smartphones, due to their software and applications, periodically conduct automatic data transmissions.

    Please be aware that while synchronizing the smartphone’s data automatically enables the device to be constantly updated to the latest data and increases its functionality, the automatic data transmissions will result in packet data charges. If you do not wish to sent data packets, please turn off the cellular data connection on your smartphone by taking the following steps; "Settings" » "General" » "Network" » "Cellular Data" » switch "off". Please also note that you will not be able to use any data communication such as internet browsing when the cellular data connection is turned off.

    Because automatic data transmission may result in data packet charges of more than several thousand yen per day when you use your smartphone overseas, we recommend that you to use our "Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate" to avoid excessive charges. Please note that setting "Data Roaming" is off as the default setting.


  1. 1. The latest software (iPhone OS 3.0 or later) is required for MMS.

    A server mailbox for MMS is automatically created for all iPhone 3G users regardless of iPhone OS software version.
    Please note that received mails are stored in the server mailbox for 30 days and then automatically deleted. Mail cannot be retrieved after deletion (regardless of software version).
    iPhone 3G with OS 2.x or earlier version cannot receive S! Mail/MMS. However, the sender is still charged communication rates based on his/her price plan.

  2. 2. iPhone does not support Yahoo! Keitai.

    iPhone does not support Mobile Internet site Yahoo! Keitai; associated services are automatically canceled upon switching handset service to iPhone.

Other Important Notes

  • Photocopied documents will only be used to confirm identity of subscriber.
  • Applicant may be required to provide non-interest-paying deposit up to ¥100,000 per subscription. This will be held until subscription is canceled, and then refunded less outstanding charges.
  • Depending on application, additional documents may be required in addition to items listed above.
  • Further confirmation may be required regarding documents provided at time of application.
  • If there is any falsification of application details (name, address, contact number, etc.), or if invoices, etc., are undeliverable by postal service due to error on application form, service may be suspended or subscription canceled.
  • For confirmation, SoftBank may contact applicant at address and/or telephone number supplied on application.
  • Direct debit procedure may take up to two months from date of application to complete. Until then, please use invoice attached to bill to pay amount due at bank, convenience store, or post office.
  • SoftBank may restrict use of 3G Services of handsets acquired through improper means such as theft, fraud, or means that violate laws (Act for the Prevention of Illegal Mobile Phone Use, document forgery, etc.) and handsets with unfulfilled payment debt (including debt for installment payments to third parties) or handsets thought to be at such risk.
    3G Service or Installment Purchase applications may be declined due to credit check results.
  • Installment Purchase applications are limited to two per 3G Communication Service Agreement. Even with less than two Installment Purchase applications, depending on the results of investigation, applicant may not be eligible for new Installment Purchase.
  • To confirm user information, applicant may be asked to voluntarily provide certain information, such as name, gender, and date of birth.
  • Above conditions are as of September, 2012 and subject to change.

2. After Applying