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Global Roaming Service

iPhone is ready for use in most countries by default, unless otherwise adjusted.
See more about Global Services 3G here.

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1 On top, the minimum charge for up to 10KB; below, additional charges for over 10KB.
  • Unlimited Packet Discount for Smartphone does not cover MMS/E mail (i) transmissions or Internet connections.
  • For Voicemail (i) and Basic Option Package (i) subscribers, Visual Voicemail is not covered by packet discount services. Each message incurs packet communication fees and is added to users monthly bill. SoftBank recommends setting Visual Voicemail to Off to avoid substantial roaming charges.
  • iPhone receives all S! Mail (MMS) automatically in the default setting.When traveling outside Japan, packet communication rates may be very high. Therefore, please consider switching S! Mail (MMS) to the "OFF" setting, depending on your needs. In the "OFF" setting, received messages can still be checked by using New MMS Receiving application.
  • Call/packet communication fees are not covered by price plans, free allowances, Packet Flat-rate and flat-rate services, or discount service subscriptions.
  • Call/packet communication duration and data volume are calculated by local carrier.
  • All received calls are subject to call fees, regardless of where call originated.
  • Collect, toll-free, credit card, or prepaid card calls made outside Japan may incur Calling/International Calling fees.
  • Local carrier may assess call fees, even if call is not connected.
  • Caller is subject to Calling and communication fees, while recipient is subject to Calling fee, with another iPhone handset or between iPhone and Softbank 3G handsets.
  • When calling iPhone user outside Japan, caller in Japan is subject to domestic Calling and communication fees while recipient is charged Incoming Call fee by country where call is received.
  • There is no fee for incoming SMS messages.
  • In some cases, Internet use may incur packet communications fees even if connection fails due to error or malfunction.
  • In some cases, MMS or E mail (i) message may incur fees whether or not it reaches recipient.