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Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate

(available from July 21, 2010)
Packet communications service overseas

How to use

The iPhone is ready for use in most countries by default unless otherwise adjusted.
To see countries and carriers where the Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate service can be used, select the applicable country/carrier from the list.
(SoftBank iPhone subscribers are eligible to use this service.)

Flat rates

¥0 - ¥1,980/day

If you use web data equal to or more than 25MB (the volume which is subject to the communication fee ¥51,200/day before applying the discount of Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate) with iPhone, iPad or other SoftBank SMARTPHONEs, it will be applied the flat rate price ・2,980/day.

(*Service start dates and details will be provided on SoftBank's webpage.)

Please note that all billing is calculated based on Japan time, not the time at your destination.

(One day is defined as the time from 00:00:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM in Japan's time zone.)

Example :
If use continues from ten in the morning (Japan time) until the next day, this will count as two days for billing purposes.

Services applicable to the flat-rate service

All packet communications such as for web browsing

Communications via data cards, and mobile data communications in which a mobile phone is connected to a PC, etc. via USB (Access Internet) are not included in this service.

How to select the carrier on the iPhone

Settings > Network > Select Network

Please also check that data roaming is enabled.

Settings > General > Network > Data Roaming

Carriers that support the Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate service

  • Carrier List


  • Please note that packet data not covered by the flat-rate offer is subject to usage-based billing and may result in high charges. The actual charges for packet data communications vary depending on the model of phone you are using, the type of communications, and the overseas carriers.
  • Connecting to a carrier that is not a participant in the flat-rate offer may result in high overseas packet data communication charges. If these exceed a value set by SoftBank, you will be notified of this by mail on the following day or later. (Excluding phones that cannot receive SMS.)
  • The flat rate for the Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate will be added to other charges after the closing date for billing. Accordingly, display of the provisional charge on your on-line billing information and sending of a notification mail in the event that adding the flat-rate amount causes the total to become large will both occur after the closing date for billing.
  • If you receive itemized call charges, the displayed information will indicate the charges prior to applying the Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate.