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Product Warranty

Arrange for service at SoftBank Shop.
(Not all shops provide service; please call to confirm beforehand.)

Standard Warranty (Complimentary Service)

One-Year Warranty Covering iPhone Handset & Accessories

  • Covers replacement only; does not cover repairs.
  • Does not cover water damage.
  • Replacement applies to handset; built-in battery cannot be replaced alone.
  • From July 11, 2009, covers iPhone battery depletion.

90-day Telephone Support (Complimentary Support)

  • Complimentary assistance available via telephone for the first 90 days from purchase date.
  • Beyond day 91, these become paid services: iPhone operation, iTunes syncing/setting,
    and other Technical Support assistance (see details here) .


Arrange for service at a SoftBank Shop. (Not all shops provide service; call to confirm beforehand.) To replace an accessory, fill out a Service Request Form (Japanese) or contact Apple Technical Support (Japanese).

AppleCare + for iPhone