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Global Services

  • 3g Handest
  • 4g Smartphone
  • iPad
  • iphone

The prices are not applicable to taxes.

Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate

Enjoy sending/receiving S! Mail (MMS) and surfing the Web all over the world. Subscription to "S! Basic Pack" is required.

Flat rate ¥1,980/day, Flat rate ¥2,980/day


Bytes used (Maximum) Global Roaming Packet Flat Rate
iPhone, iPad, SoftBank SMARTPHONE Before applying flat rate After applying flat rate
Up to 25MB *2 ¥0 to ¥51,199 ¥0 to ¥1,980/day
Over 25MB *2 ¥51,200 and above ¥2,980/day
Web usage over 3G using a SoftBank 3G handset: Up to 386KB. Web access with a device that supports LTE: 495KB.
Web usage over 3G using a SoftBank 3G handset: Up to 10MB. Web access with a device that supports LTE: 12.5MB

Flat-rate applicable services

All packet communication services including

  • S! Mail (MMS)
  • Email (i)
  • Web and tethering used overseas

Excludes data transfers using

  • SMS
  • Video Call
  • Data card as well as mobile data communication (Access Internet) when a handset is connected to a PC via USB.

America Flat-rate

"America Flat-rate" is an optional service that allows customers using a supported SoftBank phone to make voice calls, send/receive SMS messages, and use data when in the U.S., Hawaii, and other areas using Sprint's network.

Area & Rates for Voice Call/Video Call

Use the same handset in different countries worldwide. SoftBank covers 99% or more*1*2 of Japanese tourist destinations. You can check coverage and rates for each region from the links below.

When using a Global Roaming model (compatible in both GSM networks and 3G networks).
From 2007 data provided by the Japan National Tourism Organization.

Shops with English-speaking staff

Would you like to find out more? Visit a SoftBank Shop. Our friendly multilingual staff is always ready to assist you in obtaining the right handset and service plan to fit your needs.