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White Plan

  • 3g Handest
  • 4g Smartphone
  • iphone

The prices do not include consumption tax.


Basic Fee ¥934/month

Anybody can save by simply signing a 2 year contract.

Calls within Japan (9 PM to 1 AM ¥20/30 sec.)

Free of charge to SoftBank handsets or Disney Mobile handsets.


Free of charge anytime to SoftBank handsets or Disney Mobile handsets.

Voice Call fees
To SoftBank handsets or Disney Mobile handsets To handsets of other carriers
fixed-line phones
1AM to 9PM 9PM to 1AM All day
Free ¥20/30 sec. ¥20/30 sec.
SMS, S! Mail (MMS) sending/receiving fees
to SoftBank handsets or Disney Mobile handsets
to handsets of other carriers
Free Sending fee:

Receiving fee:
S! Mail (MMS)
to SoftBank handsets or Disney Mobile handsets
S! Mail (MMS)
to handsets of other carriers
Free 3G

Data communication fees
Data communication fees Data communication fees
¥36/30 sec.
including access internet
3G: ¥0.2/packet
4G LTE/4G: ¥0.075/packet
  • S! Basic Pack (¥300/month) is required when using an email/web/flat-rate data plan.
  • If switching to 4G LTE/4G, the ¥3,000 administrative processing fee is waived! (Condition: Users who subscribed to the White Plan on or after November 1, 2012 and switched to 4G LTE/4G handset from a SoftBank 3G handset)*2
  • [Not applicable] Overseas use / Voice calls to special numbers (numbers that begin with 1416/ /#) / Voice calls and sending SMS messages to SoftBank satellite phones / Attaching files greater than 300KB to emails / Sending/Receiving international mail / Sending/Receiving emails to iPhone email addresses (○○○@i.softbank.jp) / Sending SMS messages to PhotoVision / Sending/Receiving SMS messages and video calls to a Mimamori Camera
    SoftBank 3G handsets include Access Internet and Access Internet Plus. 4G smartphones include Access Internet.
    If it has been 7 months or more since subscribing to the White Plan.
  • The contract is for two-years and renews automatically. Canceling outside the contract renewal period (month after the contract expires) incurs a cancellation fee of ¥9,500. For new customers of SoftBank who do not purchase a mobile phone and cancel their contract before the end of the 2nd billing month after the month in which the contract was made, a cancellation fee of ¥19,800 will be incurred (not applicable for campaigns).
  • The first month of the contract period is calculated from the day of the start of the contract period to the end of the next billing month.
  • For voice calls that are made before 9PM or 1AM but end when the hour passes, the fee for the 30 seconds that pass will be free.
  • White Plan may not be used to provide telecommunication service to others (Intention to provide telecommunication service). If a subscriber is judged to be using White Plan as a vehicle to provide service to others, this price plan will be changed to a plan determined by SoftBank.
  • SoftBank satellite phones will be handled as international calls and mail (SMS).
  • When calling an EMOBILE user who is on roaming from a SoftBank network, a SoftBank ring tone can be heard. In such cases, the voice call will be considered a call to a non-SoftBank carrier.

Shops with English-speaking staff

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