Datacenter Services

The high value-added datacenters of SoftBank are made by a communications carrier.
Not only are the high quality network service of SoftBank directly connected to the datacenters are available, they can also be mixed together with mobile connection, cloud services and security services.

List of Services



"Datacenters" of SoftBank are high value-added datacenters made possible only by a communications carrier like SoftBank. We also offer colocation service and run the hardware in our storage for you.


We offer hosting services with an email service using the domain name of your choice, World Wide Web and DNS services bundled into a single package, at reasonable prices.

Shared Hosting

ULTINA On Demand Platform

"Shared Hosting" is a rental server service offering an email domain of your choice and a web server in a single package.

Managed Email & Web Hosting

"Managed Email & Web Hosting" is a managed hosting service, offering web, email and database features through a server platform dedicated for your business.

Server Resources

We offer services that allow you to access server platforms of our datacenters over the cloud. Gain access to a server platform immediately, or you can also request for a quote based on your specific needs. Choose the plan that best fits your needs from our wide lineup.

White Cloud ASPIRE

"White Cloud ASPIRE" is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). This service is high reliability with a SLA(Service Level Agreement) rating of 99.999%. We offer multiple network connectivity, gateways,datacenters to name just a few.

Virtual Server

"Virtual Server" is a high quality, highly secure service only possible by an open source communications carrier.