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Need to build an IT environment for your business's global expansion? Leave it up to SoftBank. We are prepared to leverage on our IT technologies from cloud computing, networking and mobile internet to support your global expansion from a variety of services to accommodate your global environment. Our many services also include onsite support. We ensure that we provide a safe and comfortable environment for you.

Planning to extend your business globally? Let SoftBank help you build the IT environment you need. We standardize the various environments of different countries using a global standard solution and by enabling you, your colleagues and your company to do business in the same way across and beyond the country, we help you overcome the various barriers such as "language", "culture", "environment", and "physical distance" and keep the conversation between you and your business partner active. In addition to onsite support, we offer support in various ways to make your business environment comfortable for you.

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SoftBank has built partnerships with outstanding companies around the world regardless of the differences in specific technologies and business models, giving it the strength to offer one-stop global standard solutions.


Global IP-VPN

ULTINA Global Services

Global IP-VPN is a network service connecting overseas bases with domestic bases in a simple and seamless way without compromising security. For companies extending their business globally, a secure and high-speed communication between overseas bases is a critical element. However, at the same time, businesses have always faced the challenge of how to reduce the TCO (total cost of ownership) to maintain such environment.
With the professional knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years serving as a domestic and international communications provider, SoftBank can provide the support you need to solve the challenges you face by working together with its overseas offices and local communications providers to build and operate a seamless network.

International Ethernet Private Line

ULTINA Global Services

In response to the expansion of the global market, expanding the bandwidth and improving the quality level of international data transmission of the trunk network and reducing the total cost of operation (TCO) for such solutions are major challenges businesses today are forced to face.
SoftBank's International Ethernet Private Line utilizes the standard Ethernet interface. This allows the flexible bandwidth configuration that can accommodate to your business needs. International Ethernet Private Line also ensures a high level of security equal to a dedicated line and can realize a broadband, high quality global network at a low cost.

International Private Leased Circuits

ULTINA Global Services

International Private Leased Circuits enables the point-to-point communication between a domestic office and an overseas office over a dedicated line, realizing an excellent throughput service 24 hours a day, without being affected by the status of the backbone communication. If you are looking for a network solution realizing both high quality and high reliability to transfer highly secured data, or handling an application in which an immediate, real-time response is a must, International Private Leased Circuits is the solution for you.
Transmission speed can be selected to accommodate the communication traffic and application behaviors to ensure a responsive operation together with an effective cost performance.

Managed CPE-S

ULTINA Operation Services

Managed CPE-S is a comprehensive, all-in-one service, including the provision, designing, installing and maintenance of network appliances essential for building a network utilizing a SoftBank line. SoftBank's customer helpdesk will be your one-stop contact for maintenance and support services for your SoftBank line and network appliances. This service includes PING monitoring for network appliances and Quick Performance Report*1 feature which allows you to check the network status on a web page by default.

Overseas Offices

Overseas Offices

SoftBank has 17 overseas offices across 8 major countries. We are continuing with our efforts for establishing a system where we can provide support for the overseas bases of our customers.

As a part of our mission to build an even stronger community-based, fine and sensitive support system for our customers, we will continue with our endeavors to further expand our overseas bases.

Overseas Offices

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China Location: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian, Suzhou, Wuhan Location: Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian Location: Hong Kong
Asia Location: Singapore Location:Gurgaon, Chennai Location: Bangkok, Amata City Locations: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh Location: Jakarta,Deltamas
North America Location: Los Angeles, New York
Europe Location: London