Conferencing Services

Whether it is at an vendor, branch office, or at the head office, SoftBank has a wide array of services to connect you with the conference taking place outside of your conference room. From conference calls connecting multiple locations to communication between you and your colleague, the wide array for services we offer can accommodate any business scene. SoftBank can provide the optimal conferencing service for your business, including the allocation of TV conferencing devices, iPhones, iPads and networking.

List of Services

Video Conference

Video Conference

"Video Conference" is SoftBank's cloud-model conferencing service supporting VPN services such as SoftBank's "SmartVPN" and internet and domestic ISDN services of other communications providers.
The service supports video conference systems of Polycom, Cisco, and Sony. iPhones and iPads are also supported, so you can join a video conference even while you are on the go. From a video conference connecting multiple offices to communication between team members, this service can be applied to various business situations.

Global Meet Conference Call Service

GlobalMeet Conference Call Service is a conference service to facilitate swift and smooth communication when meeting with remote offices or for regular meetings with your business client.



Our cloud-based video conferencing service that easily allows multiple devices such as smartphones or dedicated video conferencing devices to get connected and conferencing quickly.

Event Conferencing Service

"Event Conferencing Service" can provide the swift and smooth communication you need for your meeting with remote offices or for the regular meeting with your business client.
"Event Conferencing Service" is an operator-assisted conference call service best for large meetings and presentations.

Private Terminal Service for Video Conference

ULTINA Communication Platform

"Private Terminal Service for Video Conference" is a comprehensive solution to build a video conference system at your end for a low cost, covering from the supplying, setup and maintenance of the video conference appliances.
"Video conference" is an optimal solution for situations that require high-quality, accurate video communication, such as critical business meetings, remote interviews and as well as for medical services and manufacturing industries.
By combining the video conferencing system with SoftBank's highly reliable telecommunication lines, we have the ability to provide you with a video conference with smooth, stable video and excellent audio.