Outsourcing Services

To accommodate your business needs, we offer outsourcing services where you can leave various business transaction operations, application, maintenance and management of mobile devices and PCs to us.

List of Services

Terminal Management (Business Concierge)

For current business users who are already using our mobile phones and tablet devices and as well as potential business users, SoftBank offers outsourcing services to provide comprehensive support covering from the delivery of the devices to their operation, maintenance and management after the installation.

Terminal Customization

We perform the initial setup when a new terminal is installed.

Device Management

"Device Management" enables the administrator to manage multiple mobile devices and PCs remotely in a centralized way.

Operation Outsourcing Center

"Operation Outsourcing Center" provides the support for the operation, maintenance and management of mobile devices. We handle various inquiries through a single point of contact.


BPO(Business Process Outsourcing)

The high security offshore center in Dalian China will handle the business operation for you.