Biography Kyoko Uemura

Kyoko Uemura
External Director
Kyoko Uemura
Date of birth:
July 22, 1961; 61 years old
Number of shares held in the Company:
(As of June 20, 2023)
Apr. 1994 Assistant Judge, Osaka District Court
Apr. 2004 Judge, Numazu Branch, Shizuoka Family Court
Apr. 2005 Judge, Yokohama District Court
Apr. 2008 Registered as a lawyer
Apr. 2008 Lawyer, LM Law Offices
June 2009 External Auditor, Yahoo Japan Corporation (currently Z Holdings Corporation*)
June 2017 External Auditor, MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. (to present)
June 2018 External Director, the Company (to present)
Oct. 2018 Partner Lawyer, Miyama, Koganemaru & Associates (to present)
Mar. 2021 External Director and Audit & Supervisory Committee Member, Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd.

Concurrent positions in other listed companies

External Auditor, MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.

Kyoko Uemura has extensive knowledge and experience as a lawyer.

  1. *
    On October 1, 2023, Z Holdings Corporation, as the surviving company, completed an intra-group reorganization involving mainly itself and two of its core wholly owned subsidiaries, LINE Corporation and Yahoo Japan Corporation, and changed its trade name to LY Corporation.