Arm Segment

Key Driver of IoT Era

Arm is a UK-based semiconductor company that has an overwhelming market share for semiconductor designs used in mobile phones and other mobile devices. With all types of devices around the world incorporating Arm-designed chips, Arm conducts its business on a global scale.

Basic information

Main Businesses
  • Design of microprocessors, physical intellectual property and related technology and software, sale of development tools
Core Companies


Arm is seeing continued growth with 14.8 billion Arm-based chips shipped in 2015 and 95% of smartphones sold in the same year using chips based on Arm architecture.

In July 2016, anticipating that Arm will be a key driver in the paradigm shift to IoT, SoftBank Group Corp. announced a long-term strategic agreement with Arm. Since September 2016, Arm has conducted its business a member of the SoftBank Group.

Arm technology is used in many leading-edge products, including those for mobile, enterprise infrastructure and embedded intelligence in automobiles and home appliances. These markets are expected to see expansion with the future adoption of IoT.

By continuing to invest in new technologies and markets and by expanding market share in growth markets and pursuing IoT growth opportunities, Arm will aim for further growth as a core business in the SoftBank Group leading IoT.

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