Distribution Segment

Going global together

To build a stronger and expanded global business, SoftBank C&S is utilizing the distribution network of Brightstar, which has a local presence in over 50 countries and offers services in over 100 of them. Together, they aim to be No.1 in distribution and services in the wireless industry.

Basic information

Main Businesses
  • Distribution of mobile devices overseas
  • Sale of PC software, peripherals, and mobile device accessories in Japan
Core Companies


Brightstar, which became a subsidiary on January 30, 2014, is one of the world's leading specialized wholesalers in the wireless industry. Brightstar offers to mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators the following services and more: mobile device and accessory wholesaling, supply chain management solutions for mobile device distribution and inventory management, mobile device insurance and buyback, retail solutions and financial services.

SoftBank C&S's operations include the sale of mobile device accessories and IT-related software and hardware in Japan.

ICT Distribution

SoftBank C&S offers a rich array of over 400,000 items of software and hardware, network infrastructure, including mobile communications, and consulting services. SoftBank C&S also provides a wide variety of consulting services, including support for introducing drones, which are expected to be used for various business applications.

SoftBank SELECTION/Y!mobile Selection

The SoftBank SELECTION and Y!mobile Selection range of mobile accessories incorporates new and innovative concepts. A full lineup of accessories with everything from basic items to design-focused high-value items are offered.

Web Services

Using the communication infrastructure owned by the SoftBank Group, cloud services and security services are offered for individual customers.

Procurement Support

Utilizing a purchase system and a rich array of e-catalogs, customers can reduce their costs through reverse auctions with this procurement operation outsourcing service.

By utilizing the global network of Brightstar and offering an attractive product lineup, Brightstar and SoftBank C&S will pursue economies of scale in purchasing mobile devices and accessories to further increase their competitiveness in Japan and abroad.

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