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Updating people's lives and society with IT

The Internet not only makes our lives more convenient, with the power of IT and data, it can change all types of anxieties into hope. The word “UPDATE” encapsulates this. Yahoo Japan will “update” all of Japan's systems that bind society, including those related to information, finance, transportation, food, clothing, housing, the environment and disaster preparedness.

Basic information

Main Businesses
  • Internet advertising
  • e-commerce business
  • Membership services
Core Companies


The Yahoo! JAPAN portal site continues to grow by delivering new and convenient services, such as its online auction (YAHUOKU!) and news aggregation (Yahoo! News) sites, while offering a wealth of high added value services to individual and corporate customers.

Revitalized e-commerce business

Yahoo Japan revitalized its e-commerce business through new initiatives such as removing monthly tenant fees for major services like Yahoo! Shopping and YAHUOKU! (Auction) starting October 2013. As a result, at the end of June 2016, there was a greatly expanded merchandise lineup with over 220 million items on Yahoo! Shopping. Furthermore, with greatly increased sales volumes and revenues due to the consolidation of ASKUL, which runs the B2C e-commerce site LOHACO, and other efforts, Yahoo Japan aims to achieve even greater e-commerce revitalization and growth.

Strengthening the advertising business by utilizing big data

By utilizing big data and the latest advertising technologies, Yahoo Japan will strengthen its responses to diversifying advertisers' needs and multidevice requirements. For its display advertising business, using Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network (YDN), advertising displays saw growth across all of Yahoo! JAPAN, primarily driven by smartphones. Due to enhanced matching accuracy and other factors, advertising sales are growing.

Through collaborating with the mobile business and other initiatives, Yahoo Japan will strengthen synergies with Group companies as well as aim for further growth by utilizing its strengths.

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