SoftBank Group CSR

Building a healthy Internet society

The SoftBank Group is aiming to become the most respected and trusted company in each of its respective business domains while maximizing synergies with its Group companies. By collaborating with companies who share our vision, we will keep challenging ourselves to create new value that brings happiness to people around the world.

As an operator of high-speed broadband networks, we have an important social responsibility to provide information as a lifeline. To fulfill this mission, the Group strives to contribute to society so people can share the dream and vision of a healthy Internet society with future generations while placing priority on making our customers happy. We also aim to meet our shareholders' expectations by challenging ourselves to achieve future growth, by valuing our employees' pride and motivation by providing an environment that enables them to pursue that growth, and by ensuring future development with our business partners based on relationships of mutual respect and innovation.

CSR Principles

Guidelines for the CSR activities of the entire SoftBank Group

CSR Promotion Structure

Overview of the organizational structure SoftBank's CSR Working Group

CSR Performance

Major achievements in FY2015 and targets & plans for FY2016

GRI Content Index

GRI Guidelines corresponding to various disclosure requests

SoftBank Group CSR Report 2016

Guided by the SoftBank Group CSR Principles, we are building foundations of trust with all stakeholders and addressing social issues. The CSR activities of SoftBank Group companies, including the adoption and expansion of renewable energy, Pepper the robot utilization, and Charity Smile, a donation service that helps customers support children nationwide whose parents have passed away or who have lost their homes because of abuse or other reasons, are introduced in the SoftBank Group CSR Report 2016.

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

As the member of GSMA, Softbank corp. and Sprint Corporation support Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations.

If you would like to get involved, visit SDGs in action apps below.