Disaster-resilient Lifelines

Information is a lifeline
As a company that provides this lifeline,
we take this social obligation seriously

At the SoftBank Group, we recognize that information is a lifeline and we strive to live up to our social obligations to maintain that lifeline. We make emergency preparations daily and work to ensure that our telecommunications facilities can recover as quickly as possible in the unlikely event of a disaster.

Communications network disaster preparedness

In order to offer telecommunications services that can act as lifelines by continuing to function in the wake of a disaster, we are building a robust network and are setting up systems capable of responding rapidly when disaster strikes.

Communications Network Disaster Preparedness

For our customers' safety

We are making efforts to ensure that when disaster strikes, our customers will be able to rapidly obtain disaster information, and that the means to communicate information can be secured. In addition, we offer information about disaster prevention so that people can remain aware on a daily basis about what to do when a disaster strikes.

For Our Customers' Safety