For our Customers' Safety

SoftBank Group services provide disaster and disaster prevention information to customers, issue notifications and ensure a means of communication in the event of a disaster.

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Information for disaster preparedness

Be Aware, Be Prepared: Disaster Information*

Be Aware, Be Prepared: Disaster Information

To promote awareness of disasters and how to prepare for them, the Be Aware, Be Prepared: Disaster Information website offers practical columns and information on emergency goods.

Staying informed during a disaster*

Staying informed during a disaster

In the event of an emergency, government ministries, public institutions, newspapers and other sources distribute relevant information via Twitter. We recommend that during normal times you check what kind of information is available.

Instant access to disaster information

Yahoo! Disaster Alert*

Yahoo! Disaster Alert

Yahoo! Disaster Alert is a free weather application that sends push notifications to mobile devices in the event of torrential rain, earthquake, or other emergency situation. The service includes earthquake alerts, rain radar, disaster alarm, and evacuation information and rapidly alerts users to incidents in their current location plus up to three preset locations.

Emergency Alert Mail*

Emergency Alert Mail

SoftBank delivers Emergency Earthquake Announcements and Tsunami Warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency as well as national and local disaster and evacuation information to customers in targeted areas.

Ensuring communication during disasters

Disaster Message Board Service

Disaster Message Board Service

If a disaster occurs and congestion makes transmission of voice telephone calls difficult, this service allows SoftBank customers to send messages to the people they want to contact.

Disaster Voice Messaging Service

Disaster Voice Messaging Service

The Disaster Voice Messaging Service is a service that delivers voice messages via packet communications, instead of voice communications, in the event of a major disaster.

Location Notification System*

Location Notification System

When an emergency call is made from a SoftBank 3G mobile handset (the telephone numbers 110,118, and 119 in Japan), this system notifies emergency services of the user's location.

Mimamori Map*

Mimamori Map

If a disaster occurs, families can use this service to check each other's location and search for relief assistance in surrounding areas.