CSR for the Future of our Planet (Environmental Conservation)

The SoftBank Group is committed to protecting the earth for future generations

Humanity's shared mission is to protect and value the planet we have inherited from the previous generation and pass it on to the next. In the face of a number of increasingly serious environmental challenges, the SoftBank Group is working to fulfill its obligations to society.

We must to adapt our corporate activities to become more environmentally friendly.
We must use our unique position to contribute to the realization of a society that functions in harmony with the environment.

At the SoftBank Group, we feel deeply responsible for the future of the earth.

Environmental management

The SoftBank Group has set company-wide targets and made systematic efforts toward environmental conservation; an important challenge facing the world.

Environmental Management

Environmental targets

The SoftBank Group has set targets to ensure the Group's environmental management systems are used appropriately in the course of their business activities, with the aim of improving and sustaining Earth's natural environment.

Environmental Targets

Environmental data

SoftBank Corp. collects data on resources used and emissions produced in the course of it's business activities. This data is used to reduce the Softbank Group's impact on the environment.

Environmental Data

Environmental conservation efforts

The SoftBank Group is involved in numerous environmental management and ICT-aided projects tackling climate change and other issues to protect the planet for future generations.

Environmental Conservation Efforts