Environmental Management

Environmental Action Guidelines

SoftBank Corp. is engaged in preservation and conservation of the global environment that leverage the nature and scope of its respective businesses for the continuous development of a sustainable society. Specifically, SoftBank will:

  • Comply with environmental laws, ordinances and other regulations and requirements.
  • Develop and operate environmental management systems necessary to make continuous improvements in such environmental areas as energy conservation, resource conservation and waste reduction to reduce environmental impact caused through operational activities.
  • Promote environmental-friendly green procurement in our purchase of office equipment and supplies.
  • Strive to develop and offer networking technologies and services that reduce environmental impact for the energy conservation of the entire society.
  • Enhance environmental awareness through the environmental education of employees and promote communication through the appropriate disclosure of the information.

Environmental management system

SoftBank has established an environmental management system, developed Environmental Action Guidelines, and put in place an administrative framework to promote environmentally conscious corporate activities and actively engage in environmental conservation.

We are aiming to improve the environmental sustainability of our corporate activities by focusing on the prevention of global warming, the promotion of mobile phone recycling, and the conservation of resources.

As public awareness of environmental issues grows, corporations are facing more diverse demands to provide environmentally friendly products and services, to adhere to regulations governing environmental protection, and to achieve energy conservation and resource saving through smart business practices. To respond swiftly to these trends and demands, SoftBank has incorporated a PDCA (plan, execution, confirmation, improvement) cycle to guide our environmental management system and improvements are made on a continuous basis.

Click here for a list of SoftBank's environmental management system's certifying bodies and certification status.

Environmental management structure

To promote group-wide environmental conservation activities, SoftBank has established the Environment Committee covering environmental matters, which complies with ISO14001.