Promoting Environmental Conservation Efforts by Employees

Environmental education

SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank Corp. provides “ECO Training” through an e-learning program to help employees acquire basic knowledge and raise awareness of environmental issues. Employees can learn about environmental sustainability and improvement from four perspectives: global environmental issues, social trends in Japan and abroad, regulations and corporate initiatives, and explanations of key environmental legislation and regulations.

E-learning courses on appropriate processing of industrial waste and the Electronic Manifest System are available to employees working in this area.

Employees can also access these e-learning courses on demand from their iPads or iPhones.

Participating in the “Fun to Share” climate change campaign

The SoftBank Group

The SoftBank Group is a supporter of “Fun to Share,” a climate change campaign sponsored by Japan's Ministry of the Environment, following its “Team Minus 6%” and “Challenge 25 Campaign”. Fun to Share is a means to share wisdom and technology in order to build a rich and low-carbon society in an enjoyable manner for everyone. Through participation in the campaign, the SoftBank Group is promoting increased awareness and voluntary action among employees to implement continued energy efficiency at work sites and in work processes, encouraging and “cool biz and “warm biz” (wearing cooler clothing during summer and warmer clothing during winter) on the Intranet to help realize a low-carbon society.