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Bloom Energy Server: clean, reliable and safe onsite power generation

Bloom Energy Japan Limited

The first Japanese installation of Bloom Energy Japan's innovative and clean “Bloom Energy Server” electricity generation system commenced operation at the Fukuoka M-TOWER in Fukuoka City on November 25, 2013.

Patented in the US by Bloom Energy Corporation, the Bloom Energy Server is a breakthrough solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology that generates clean electricity from multiple fuel sources such as city gas and bio gas at a starting electrical efficiency of over 60%*1.

The Bloom Energy Server has been installed in many US facilities with high energy loads to provide a distributed and an uninterrupted power supply that is clean, efficient, and does not rely on combustion.

The Bloom Energy Server was installed at the Osaka Prefectural Central Wholesale Market. With an output of around 1.2MW, it marks Japan's first*2 full-scale operation of a solid oxide fuel cell to have an output exceeding 1MW. Bloom Energy Japan will contribute to Osaka Prefecture's policy of creating a city that is both disaster-ready and sustainable by supplying around-the-clock power throughout the year to critical facilities that require an uninterrupted power supply, with a focus on refrigeration facilities. The Bloom Energy Server is also highly efficient and helps to reduce CO2 emissions due to high electricity demand from wholesale markets.

By selling electricity generated by the Bloom Energy Servers, Bloom Energy Japan will contribute to sustainable and stable energy provision and economic development in Japan.

  • *1
    AC Transmission Efficiency (LHV standard)
  • *2
    According to research by Bloom Energy Japan in March 2015

Smart Japan - problem solving website for companies working on the saving, storage and production of electricity

ITmedia Inc.

Internet media business ITmedia launched the problem-solving website Smart Japan in April 2012, targeting companies working on saving, storing and producing electricity. The website aims to promote smart energy use at business and community levels, with a view to facilitating smart social infrastructure all over Japan.

Smart Japan specializes in news on electricity management products and the people who use these products. Smart Japan updates its website daily and issues an e-mail magazine and e-booklet for registered members (free of charge).

Smart Japan focuses on six key categories that are useful to administration and system departments of private companies and local governments. The four general categories are energy management, energy efficient products, equipment for electricity storage and generation, and electricity supply service. The two specialized categories are LED lights and electronic vehicles. Each category carries information on the features and benefits of new products. The website also shows how such products can be used at offices, factories and in community initiatives to create smart houses and smart cities.

The risks posed by energy insecurity are propelling growing nationwide momentum for products and services that use energy more efficiently. ITmedia aims to contribute to building “smarter” social infrastructure in Japan through the provision of information.