CSR for a Healthy Internet Society

The SoftBank Group is committed to creating a healthy Internet society

With Internet as its core business, the SoftBank Group plays a major role in the lives of people and in society. We recognize the importance of our position as an Internet company, and are committed to establishing an environment in which everyone can use mobile communications service and the Internet both safely and enjoyably.
We provide safe and secure mobile phone services for everyone.
We promote the use of the Internet to support the healthy development of children.
We aim to rid the Internet of crime and malicious acts.

The SoftBank Group is working to build a healthy Internet society.

Services for the protection of children

At the SoftBank Group, we believe it is important to create an environment in which children can use mobile phones both safely and securely. By considering all aspects of safe mobile phone use, SoftBank Corp. is engaged in a number of initiatives, such as offering mobile handsets with features to prevent overuse and security functions designed for children, as well as enhancing and promoting filtering functions.

Protecting children from harmful content

SoftBank Corp. offers an age-appropriate filtering service that restricts children's access to harmful content and limits application downloads, thereby preventing the risk of expensive billings or exposure to criminal elements.

Preventing excessive mobile-phone use by children

This service limits the time that children can use their mobile phones and the associated costs. Since this service enables parents and guardians to monitor usage, they can prevent telephone bills from becoming too expensive.

Confirming your child's whereabouts

SoftBank Corp. offers an easy-to-use service that allows parents and guardians to check the whereabouts of their child via their mobile phone.

Services for the Protection of Children

Creating family rules on Internet and mobile phone use

The SoftBank Group is focused on efforts to protect children from danger when they use the Internet or mobile phones. SoftBank Corp. is actively engaged in awareness building activities targeting children and their guardians to promote rules and manners for the proper use of mobile phones. In addition, Yahoo! Japan Corporation offers a portal site and services to ensure children can use the Internet in a safe environment. The company is also working with experts to study Internet use by children.

Creating Family Rules on Internet and Mobile Phone Use

Preventing accidents and Internet abuse

To enable our customers to use our services with peace of mind, the SoftBank Group works to prevent Internet abuse such as cybercrimes and spam on websites and emails. In addition to reinforcing security measures for mobile communications services, Internet access services and portal sites, we conduct campaigns to raise awareness amongst our users.

Preventing accidents

SoftBank Corp. offers an application that prevents accidents caused by using mobile phones while walking.

Initiatives to prevent Internet abuse

SoftBank Corp. provides information on preventing spam, viruses, and one-click fraud.

Preventing Accidents and Internet Abuse