Services for the Protection of Children

At the SoftBank Group we believe it is important to create an environment in which children can use mobile phones safely and securely. As part of our efforts in this area, we have leveraged our expertise in the development of awareness and moral education programs, including the “Let's Think about Mobile Phones” series, to create a video for parents and guardians called “Service for Safety and Security.” This video is now available at SoftBank Shops. By using filtering and similar services provided by SoftBank Corp., parents and guardians can ensure that their children are using their mobile phones in a safe and secure environment

Protecting children from harmful content

SoftBank Corp.

Filter to Block Inappropriate Content

This service, which can be adjusted by student grade level, restricts access to sites or applications with content inappropriate for minors.

Web Use Restrictions service

This service restricts access to illegal content or adult sites that are inappropriate for minors, preventing the risk of expensive billings or exposure to criminal elements.

Preventing excessive mobile-phone use by children

SoftBank Corp.

This service limits the time that children have to install and use applications on their mobile phones. Since this service enables parents and guardians to monitor usage, they can prevent telephone bills from becoming too expensive.

Application billing limit

Without close supervision, children can easily and unwittingly buy expensive applications or content via their mobile devices. By making the necessary settings in advance, users can ensure that their children can only install the applications that they need, and prevent additional purchases.

Usage Notification Service

This service automatically sends an e-mail notification to parents and guardians if their child's mobile telephone bill exceeds a pre-determined amount. The limit can be set in 1,000-yen units, from 5,000 yen up to 100,000 yen.

Data Flat-rate service

SoftBank's data flat-rate service offers two options: a flat fee plan in which customers pay a flat fee right from the start; and a two ceilings plan where charges rise in line with use, but are capped at a certain level. The company also offers a packet flat-fee service that can be used while roaming overseas.

Confirming your child's whereabouts

SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank offers an easy-to-use service that allows parents and guardians to check the whereabouts of their child via their mobile phone. The company also sells mobile phones for children that come equipped with a security buzzer and a function that restricts communication to registered contacts only.

Ichi Navi

Parents, grandparents, and other caregivers can easily confirm their child's location via the Ichi Navi website. The child's mobile phone can be set to grant tracking permission to up to 10 contacts.

Secure Remote Lock

Secure Remote Lock allows parents or guardians to remotely lock their child's lost or misplaced mobile phone via My SoftBank or by calling a 157 number. This service prevents improper use of the phone and reduces the risk of leakage of personal data. It is also possible to unlock the phone and erase the data on its SD memory card as necessary.

Mimamori Phone

SoftBank offers the ‘Mimamori Phone SoftBank 601SI’, endorsed by the National Kodomo-kai Federation, as a phone for children that offers features focused on parents' peace of mind.

Since the phone is limited to voice and messaging functions, parents do not need to worry about their children accessing inappropriate content on websites. Also, with the ‘Ichi Navi’ and GPS app features, parents can confirm where their children are located anytime.

For emergencies, children can pull on a strap that sounds a buzzer and automatically sends messages with Ichi Navi location info. To further protect children from danger, the phone also has a speed sensor to detect high-speed movement and automatically send messages if children are moving in a car or train.