Preventing Accidents and Internet Abuse

Appropriate use of mobile phones

SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank has set out rules and good practices to promote appropriate use of mobile phones and smartphones by both adults and children.

Considerations for mobile phone use Points to consider when using a mobile phone and smartphone.
Mobile phone etiquette Mobile phone use in a public place, such as a movie theatre or museum may be bothersome to others in the vicinity. Moreover, using a mobile phone while walking may cause accidents. We ask that users be aware of their surroundings and practice good manners.
Rules when taking photos These rules prohibit users from taking photos of magazine articles or similar content at bookstores with their mobile phone. Mobile phone cameras are very convenient, but care should be taken in how they are used.
Tackling bank transfer and billing fraud In dealing with acts such as phishing, false billing mails, and chain e-mails, users should respond to the situation calmly to ensure they become neither a victim nor a perpetrator.

Preventing accidents

SoftBank Corp.

SoftBank offers a “STOP using smartphones while walking” application that displays a warning message on the screen when the user is walking and using a smartphone at the same time.

Using smartphones while walking is dangerous and can cause accidents for both the user and others in the vicinity. SoftBank will continue to promote the safe use of smartphones by raising awareness of these dangers.

Initiatives to prevent Internet abuse

SoftBank Corp.

Preventing spam

SoftBank provides services that block spam mails and mails containing fraudulent invoices. In November 2010, our spam filtering function was further enhanced by substantially raising the limit on the number of addresses and domains that can be added to a user's blacklist or whitelist. SoftBank provides a spam-reporting center where customers can report spam by simply forwarding spam mails to the center. As soon as a spam mail transmission is detected, SoftBank works quickly to take action against the spammer, including suspending certain services or terminating their contract.

Security Measures

Users can protect their smartphone from viruses simply by installing Smart Security powered by McAfee®. Smart Security operates by detecting viruses that can infect smartphones through applications, mail attachments, and microSD memory cards.

Measures against one-click fraud sites

The security software detects potentially dangerous sites such as one-click fraud sites during web browsing. A warning is displayed when the user tries to access potentially dangerous sites.

BB Security

For a monthly fee, BB Security provides a security service that allows Yahoo! BB users to maintain a safe and secure environment without any time limits. One license can cover up to three computers, allowing users to receive support such as the latest free updates and usage information via mail.

Yahoo Japan Corporation

Login alerts

Yahoo Japan provides both technical and systematic measures to prevent phishing*1 and other illegal activities such as identity theft. Using the login alert service, Yahoo! Japan ID holders are notified when a login has been made with their ID, and detects possible logins by a third party. The login track display function also allows customers to check if illegal manipulation by a third party occurred. In addition, customers can create an exclusive login page for their personal computers by setting a login seal service (a set of letters or picture as a mark) on the login screen. The login seal service works to avoid the risk of phishing.

The Yahoo! Toolbar automatically recognizes the structure of a website, and alerts the user when it detects a false website disguised as Yahoo Japan's.

  • *1
    Fraud in which private data is obtained through methods such as the use of a false login entry page.

SoftBank Corp.

Responding to Internet abuse

SoftBank will take swift action against any Yahoo! BB, ODN or SpinNet users reported to have engaged in Internet abuse, including spreading viruses, sending spam mails, and posting inappropriate comments on bulletin boards. In the event that Yahoo! BB, ODN, or SpinNet services are used as a source of content that is illegal, harmful, or violating the rights of others, appropriate measures based on relevant laws and guidelines will be taken promptly.

Automated warning to prevent fraud through nuisance calls

SoftBank has partnered with Tobila Systems and concluded an agreement with Kanagawa Prefecture for monitored use of Unwanted Call Checker WX07A within Kanagawa Prefecture.

Bank transfer scams targeting elderly people in particular have been a cause for concern in Japan in recent years. In many cases the victim receives a phone call from a person claiming to be a relative and is tricked into sending money.
When the Nuisance Call Checker is installed on a home telephone line, it can automatically detect unsolicited calls such as those from telemarketers and alert users with lights and sounds, all in an effort to prevent telephone scams. SoftBank also provides Mobile Unwanted Call Checker, a similar, optional service for Y!mobile phones.

As of December 2014, more than 26,000 phone numbers have been registered on Tobila Systems' database of unwanted call numbers, and in a month-long proof- of concept experiment over 800 phone numbers potentially used by criminals were blocked. As users share information, awareness of these crimes will continue to increase.

Warning Copyright Violators

Consortium against Copyright Infringement via File-sharing Software (CCIF)

SoftBank Corp. is part of the Consortium against Copyright Infringement via file-sharing software, formed by the ISP trade association and copyright associations, which issues warnings to members who violate copyright laws.