Compliance Policy

What is compliance?

To the SoftBank Group, “Compliance” is not merely about obeying laws and regulations, but also about acting in accordance with society's higher ethical and moral standards.

In our ever-evolving areas of businesses, tremendous importance is placed on taking rapid action and pursuing visionary challenges. These challenges, however, must always be undertaken with careful adherence to social ethics — in other words, compliance. Pursuing visionary challenges and ensuring strong compliance are two essential components of all SoftBank Group corporate activities, with the latter as a centerpiece of business management.

At the heart of compliance in the SoftBank Group are the decisions each of us makes in conducting our business activities. In addition to ensuring that our actions comply with laws and regulations, it is essential for fair business development that we also pose the moral question of whether something is the right thing to do. By setting high moral standards and imbuing a strong sense of responsibility in the daily work of each officer and employee, we believe that the SoftBank Group can meet the expectations of all stakeholders — including customers, shareholders, partners, employees, and local society — and build social trust and value by providing innovative products and services.

SoftBank Group Officer and Employee Code of Conduct

Our “SoftBank Group Officer and Employee Code of Conduct” enacted on December 29, 2005 sets forth ten principles which serve as the foundation for our compliance culture.

  1. Commitment to compliance
    We will obey all applicable treaties, international rules and standards, laws and regulations, and company rules and act in accordance with high social morals and ethics in the conduct of our business.

  2. Customer satisfaction
    We will always do our utmost to satisfy the needs of our customers, build and maintain their trust, and provide safe and superior products and services.

  3. Fair dealing
    We will engage in fair competition with a focus on quality and price and maintain proper relationships with our customers, vendors and partners.

  4. Managing corporate property
    We will use, manage and administer corporate property in compliance with appropriate rules and regulations.

  5. Workplace environment and utilization of human resources
    We will maintain a comfortable workplace environment that is conducive to work and lacking of any discrimination or harassment, and realize the fair and appropriate use of human resources.

  6. Preserving the environment
    We will value resources and strive to preserve the environment.

  7. Respecting intellectual property rights
    We will understand the importance of intellectual property rights, respect the intellectual property rights of others, and properly manage our own intellectual property rights.

  8. Data protection
    We will respect the privacy of our customers, vendors, partners and employees, and securely manage personal information.

  9. Relations with politicians and bureaucrats
    We will maintain fair and appropriate relations with politicians and bureaucrats.

  10. Refusing to associate with organized crime and other criminal elements
    We refuse to associate with organized crime and other criminal elements.