Emergency operational plans

SoftBank Corp. is working to ensure the provision of stable telecommunications services and to ensure the safety of customers in emergency situations such as a natural disasters, terrorist attacks or pandemics.

Disaster Operational Plan

Japan's Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act was established for the purpose of protecting national land as well as citizens' lives, livelihoods and property, and to maintain social order and secure public welfare in the event of a disaster. The Act's disaster management system stipulates the roles and responsibilities of the national government, local governments and designated public corporations.

Under the Act, SoftBank is designated public corporations as set out by the national government, and thus formulate Disaster Operational Plans. The company has established systems for disaster prevention and preparedness, and in the case of disasters, respond in accordance with their Disaster Operational Plans while working closely with relevant government organizations and public corporations.

Civil Protection Operational Plan

The Law concerning the Measures for Protection of the People in Armed Attack Situations etc. (“the Civil Protection Law”) was formulated with the aim of protecting the lives, health and assets of citizens in the event of an armed attack and minimizing the impact of an armed attack on citizens' lives and on the nation's economy. The Civil Protection Law allocates roles to the national government, prefectural and municipal governments, cities, towns and villages, defines the roles of designated public institutions and delineates an organizational framework for protecting civilians.

SoftBank, which is designated public institutions, has developed a Civil Protection Operational Plan based on the Civil Protection Law. In the event of the threat or occurrence of a terrorist attack, the company will coordinate with other relevant institutions in accordance with the Civil Protection Operational Plan.

New Flu Strains Countermeasure Operational Plan

In its Guidelines on Measures against New Flu Strains, the Japanese government sets out strengthened measures to counter new strains of influenza for the purpose of protecting citizens' lives and health, and to minimize any potential impact on daily life and the economy. The Guidelines stipulate the roles and responsibilities of designated public companies and a management system for emergencies.

Under the Guidelines, SoftBank, which is designated public corporation as set out by the national government, is formulating Operational Plans in line with the government's action plan. Incorporating systems for before an outbreak occurs and after an outbreak occurs outside Japan, infection countermeasures and other items into the Operational Plans, SoftBank will work closely with relevant government organizations and public corporations to respond to an outbreak.