Risk Management Structure

The General Affairs Division's Corporate Security Department oversees the progress of risk evaluation, analysis, and response at each department at SoftBank Corp., which is responsible for telecommunications-related businesses, and regularly reports its findings to the Board of Directors.

Risk management system

Establishment of Emergency Response Department

In a major disaster, personnel from each company will gather and analyze information on the damage in their areas of responsibility. Based on the impact of the damage, an Emergency Response Department will be established and take action to rapidly restore the telecommunications network.

Emergency Response Department Structure

Structure based on Disaster Response Agreements

To assist swift restoration efforts in the event of a major disaster or emergency, SoftBank has signed “Disaster Response Agreements” with Japan's Ministry of Defense and the Japan Coast Guard for the purpose of securing communications and mutually cooperating in a wide range of areas.

As communications are a necessary means of assisting life-saving activities following a disaster, SoftBank provides satellite mobile phones, SoftBank mobile phones and other communication equipment to the Ministry of Defense and the Japan Coast Guard. Furthermore, the Ministry and Coast Guard provides SoftBank with logistics assistance and the ability to use their facilities and equipment so SoftBank can better secure communications and conduct restoration activities in affected areas.

SoftBank will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Defense, Coast Guard and other related institutions in disaster preparedness and carry out its responsibilities to society as a communications carrier.