CEO Message

Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone

Masayoshi Son

Guided by our corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone,” the SoftBank Group will continue to take on the challenge of addressing the many problems still unsolved by humankind and thereby contribute to the betterment of society.

In 2015, we launched the personal robot “Pepper,” the first robot in the world to have emotions, and Pepper is now at work at facilities for seniors, kindergartens, and a wide range of other venues. As technology continues to advance on a global scale and the idea of a society that co-exi sts with robots becomes a reality, I believe people's lives will be enriched for a better, more marvelous world.

In addition, the SoftBank Group is promoting the use of solar power, wind power, and other renewable energy resources with its business partners both in Japan and abroad, aiming to make a positive contribution to the Earth's environment from a global standpoint.

As a driving force behind the Information Revolution, we will provide new platforms and services to realize a society that enriches people's lives throughout the world while promoting technological innovation. With a focus on the key themes of the SoftBank Group CSR Principles, which are building a healthy Internet society, cultivating the next generation with dreams and aspirations, safeguarding the planet's future through environmental protection, and supporting the reconstruction of areas affected by natural disasters, we will work through our businesses to solve the problems facing society.

Masayoshi Son
SoftBank Group Representative