“Compliance” at SoftBank Corp. is not merely about obeying laws and regulations, but also about meeting society's higher ethical and moral demands. All our officers and employees at SoftBank Corp. are obliged to comply with the Code of Conduct which sets out rules and responsibilities for all members.

SoftBank Code of Conduct

  1. (Compliance Commitment)

    We will maintain high ethical standards, observe all applicable laws, regulations and internal rules, and act in accordance with social norms.

  2. (Respect for Human Rights and Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment)

    We respect human rights and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or disease, etc.

  3. (Customer Satisfaction)

    We will provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers as well as accurate information on those products and services. We will also respond appropriately to customers' opinions and comments.

  4. (Commitment to Fair Business Practices)

    We will conduct our business activities through fair competition in the market and maintain fair and mutually viable relationships with our business partners.

  5. (Management of Company Assets)

    We will use and manage company assets in accordance with appropriate rules and not use them for personal gain or unlawful profit.

  6. (Promotion of a Mutually Pleasant and Comfortable Working Environment)

    We will promote innovation throughout the company by recognizing and respecting each other's diversity, while respecting various working styles and striving to maintain and promote a pleasant and comfortable working environment for everyone.

  7. (Social Contribution and Environmental Conservation)

    We value resources and strive to preserve the global environment. We are also committed to contributing to society in a sustainable manner through the resolution of social issues.

  8. (Respect for Intellectual Property Rights)

    We recognize the importance of intellectual property rights, and will respect the intellectual property rights of others, and promote the appropriate protection and utilization of our own intellectual property rights.

  9. (Protection of Information)

    We value all information and data related to our customers, business partners and employees, and are committed to handling these information assets in an appropriate manner and protecting them from security threats.

  10. (Appropriate Relationship with Politics and Government)

    We will maintain appropriate relationships with political and governmental officials and not provide or receive inappropriate gifts or entertainment.

  11. (No association with organized crime groups)

    We will not have any interaction whatsoever with organized crime groups.

Compliance Structure

SoftBank Corp. maintains a corporate compliance structure led by the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) who establishes and strengthens the internal compliance structure through various means and initiatives. The CCO is assisted by the Compliance Department whose members further liaise with Compliance Promoters and Representatives in each business unit to ensure that our day-to-day operation is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations as well as our corporate compliance policies.

Compliance Hotline

All employees can easily contact our Compliance Hotline to freely consult on or report any existing or potential compliance-related matters. We accept inquiries and reports (even anonymous) by post, e-mail, and telephone. Our Compliance Department members are also available for those who wish to speak to us directly. Apart from the aforementioned internal communications, we also have an outside law firm functioning as our external Compliance Hotline. You can consult on or report any matter concerning our senior executives to our Statutory Audit through the external Compliance Hotline.

We dedicate ourselves to responding to all inquiries and reports through thorough any and all necessary investigations followed in a timely manner by any appropriate remedial measures. Please be assured that you need not fear sharing any information with us because we are committed to maintaining confidentiality and SoftBank does not tolerate any form of retaliation whatsoever.

Compliance structure

Efforts to Promote Compliance


The compliance training program at SoftBank are designed to be specific to audience, department, theme and subsidiary. For instance, we run separate and independent training program for the following categories of employees - fresh graduates, newly hired, managers and senior executives.

Compliance Awareness Month

Compliance Awareness Month is held annually for the purpose of enhancing the compliance awareness of all senior executives and employees. We offer online courses on selected compliance topics and a compulsory diagnostic compliance test.