CEO Message

Preparing for the future

Ken Miyauchi

What was the world like ten years ago? It was a time when smartphones were launched for the very first time. Back then, we would have never imagined that smartphones would become an indispensable part of our lives a decade later. Now, our lives are filled with countless technological devices and innovations. Looking ahead, our lives will most likely change due to the technological advances that will take place at an unimaginable speed.

In anticipation of such a world, we at SoftBank have formulated the “Beyond Carrier” strategy. Under this strategy, we will provide new values by using the knowhow we have cultivated as a telecommunications carrier and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOT) and various other state-of-the-art technologies that are made possible due to the fact that we are a company that is leading the Information Revolution for the purpose of further deepening trust in our customer relationships. We would like to contribute to creating a society where everyone can live happily being themselves by resolving the challenges facing society.

To create a society where people can be themselves, we adhere to the “Smart & Fun” slogan and as an example are carrying out SoftBank-style workstyle reforms. We believe that implementing various types of workstyles that enable each of our employees to maximize their potential transcending time and place by leveraging cutting-edge technologies is feasible.

Internationally, the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations Summit in 2015 and other efforts to resolve issues facing society are now gaining momentum as people look toward the future. For our part, we have set five priority areas to create a prosperous society filled with people with smiling faces taking advantage of our strengths and those of our like-minded group companies. We will endeavor to achieve the SDGs by seriously tacking social issues to create a society where people can enjoy comfortable and convenient lives. To this end, we will try to determine the needs of regional areas and put our faith in the Information Revolution while guided by our “Beyond Carrier” strategy.

Ken Miyauchi
President & CEO, SoftBank Corp.
September 2018