Initiatives for the Achievement of SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are a collection of 17 global goals to create a prosperous and vibrant future and aims to have them met by 2030 through a range of global-scale initiatives.

Under the SoftBank corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone,” the Company has established five core themes aimed at realizing a society where people all over the world can live happy, fulfilling lives. These themes are the “Promotion of an Information-Oriented Society”; “Development of the Next Generation”; “Supporting a Diverse Society”; “Conservation of Environment and Precious Resource”; and “Disaster Response and Reconstruction Support”.

As a member of the international community, the SoftBank together with its group companies will contribute toward achieving the SDGs by advancing these core themes and taking initiatives to resolve social issues.

Promotion of an Information-Oriented Society

Measures Relevant SDGs
Bridging the Digital Divide
Maho Projects 8,9,10,17
DO-IT Japan 4,8,10,17
Support for Communities and Organizations
Tsunagaru Bokin 1,9,10
Charity Mobile Donation 1,9,10,17

Development of the Next Generation

Measures Relevant SDGs
Educational Support
ICT Support for Extracurricular Activities 4,9
Charity Smile Donation 1,4,10
IoT Challenge 4,9
Childcare Support
Growth Log Service 3,9

Supporting a Diverse Society

Measures Relevant SDGs
Initiatives for Citizens
Simple Smartphone 4 3,9
Orange Safety Net 3,9
Measures for Persons with Disabilities
Short Working Hours Program 8,10,17
Assist Smartphone 9,10
Visually Impaired User Support App for iPhone 9,10
Game de Manaberu Shuwa Jiten 4,9,10
Priority Discount 9,10
Sign Language Counter 10
Measures for Realization of a Diverse Society
Short-Time Telework 5,8,9,10

Conservation of Environment and Precious Resource

Measures Relevant SDGs
Environmental Consevation
Future and Coral Project 14
Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions 7,12,13
Reduction of Electric Power and Paper Usage 7,13,15
Resource and Energy Countermeasures
3R activities (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) 12
Shizen Denki 7,13
Food problems
e-kakashi 2,12

Disaster Response and Reconstruction Support

Measures Relevant SDGs
Initiatives for Disaster Readiness and Mitigation
Disaster Operational Plans 3,11
Establishment of Internal Systems 11
Disaster Readiness Drills 11
Network Breakdown Response Drills 11
Safety Confirmation Drills 11
Fire and Earthquake Response Drills 11
Participation in Local Goverment Disaster Drills 11
Establishment of Emergency Response Deptment 9,11
Disaster Response Agreements 9,11
Recovery Initiatives
Initiatives for Mobile Telecommunications Service 9,11
Securing of Telecommunications during Disasters 9,11
Provision of Means of Communications 9,11
Reconstruction Support Initiatives (Great Eastern Japan Earthquake)
SoftBank Tohoku-Kizuna CUP 9,11
Charity White 1,4,11

Corporate Duties and Responsibilities

Measures Relevant SDGs
Consideration for Safety and Security
Safety Filter 9,10
Web Use Restriction Service 9,10
Let's Think about Mobile Phones and Smartphones Series 4,9
Smartphone for Kids 4,9
Mimamori Phone 4,9
STOP Texting While Walking 9
Initiatives with Employees
Initiatives for LGBTQ+ Indivisuals 5,10
Promotion of Active Roles for Women 5,10
Employee Donations 1,11
Employee Volunteer Activities 11,16,17