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cocoro SB to Launch Robot Dispatch Service Pepper can be dispatched to work part time for 1,500 yen an hour

June 18, 2015
cocoro SB Corp.

cocoro SB Corp. (“cocoro SB”), a SoftBank Group company that develops cloud AI and other services, today announced that it will launch the world's first ‘Robot Dispatch Service’. In the first phase, on July 1, 2015 cocoro SB will launch a Pepper dispatch service where Pepper will hand out tissues for 1,500 yen an hour in Tokyo's 23 wards.

The Robot Dispatch Service is a service that dispatches robots to perform simple routine work such as handing out tissues, working reception or promoting goods for an hourly wage, just like with hiring people for part time work. There is no need to take out a lease contract for the robot or worry about repairs in case of malfunction. Since various software packages—including those for image recognition, action plans, collision avoidance, voice recognition and speech synthesis—are prepared to suit the type of work the robots are being dispatched to, the user does not have to bear development costs for routine work purposes.

cocoro SB plans to expand the dispatch region areas and the type of work that can be performed in the future.

1. Service launch date

Start of tentative reservations June 18
Start of dispatching July 1

2. Charges

Robot hourly wage 1,500 yen
Technician hourly wage 1,500 yen
Delivery cost at cost (van taxi, courier, etc.)
  • *
    Pepper dispatch starts from 2 units. It is possible to use robots with programs installed for handing out tissues at time of application. A technician will also accompany the robot to assist and support. Dispatching cannot be done late at night.

3. Area availability

Initial service in 23 Tokyo wards, with plans to expand in phases

4. Compatible robots

Initial robot is Pepper, with plans to offer other robots in the future

5. Tentative reservation site Only)
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