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‘Pepper Partner Program’ Launched to
Support Developers of Apps for ‘Pepper for Biz’ ‘Robot App Lab’ will also launch next spring to expand apps for consumers

November 30, 2015
SoftBank Robotics Corp.

SoftBank Robotics Corp. (“SoftBank Robotics”) today announced that it will launch the ‘Pepper Partnership Program’ on December 1, 2015 to comprehensively support developers of robot apps for ‘Pepper for Biz’, the enterprise model of the humanoid robot Pepper.

The Pepper Partnership Program accredits and supports three types of partners—‘Robot App Partners’ who develop robot apps, ‘Design Partners’ who design the robot user experience and ‘Consulting Partners’ who provide consulting for the introduction of Pepper at enterprises. By supporting developers from many angles, SoftBank Robotics will be able to respond to the wide-ranging demands of companies implementing Pepper for Biz.

For the Robot App Partners program, SoftBank Robotics will provide technical support, training tools, a process to verify robot app security and opportunities for sales promotion to fully support Pepper for Biz robot app developers from initial development to sales. Outstanding apps developed by Robot App Partners will be selected for inclusion on a dedicated app store scheduled to open in early 2016, so developers can widely market their apps to companies using Pepper for Biz. Furthermore, SoftBank Robotics will introduce accredited and trustworthy Robot App Partners to various companies using Pepper for Biz with fixed and specific needs not met by the app store, thereby creating new business opportunities. Robot App Partners will be accredited through both written and practical exams. Already more than 200 companies have applied and over 60 have been accredited. For more details, please see the URL below (in Japanese). Information on the Design Partners and Consulting Partners programs will be made available in due course.

To expand the lineup of robot apps for the consumer model of Pepper, in spring 2016 or later, SoftBank Robotics will launch the ‘Robot App Lab’, a service that matches Pepper purchasers with robot app developers. Developers will be able to post plans for the apps they would like to develop to a dedicated Robot App Lab site, and choose new robot apps to develop based on their popularity among Pepper purchasers. New robot apps that pass a certain level of standards will be registered to the consumer Pepper app store and license fees will be paid to the developers.

In addition, from December 2015, SoftBank Robotics will launch an accreditation system for the operation of Ateliers, spaces where Pepper touch and try and software development kits can be experienced first-hand. Accredited Pepper development experience spaces will be able to open as ‘Pepper Atelier Satellites’. Ahead of the launch of this system, eight locations were opened across Japan. Including the Pepper Atelier opened in September 2014, ‘Aldebaran Atelier Akihabara with SoftBank’, there are now nine locations nationwide, thereby making it easier for even more customers to experience Pepper development. For more details, please see the URL below (in Japanese).

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