Privacy information management

Person in charge and organizational structure

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for formulating policies and regulations regarding privacy information, monitoring their operation and providing employee training. The CISO is responsible for the formulation of policies and regulations regarding privacy information, monitoring the operation of such policies, regulations, employee training and has established a system to centrally manage the operation of privacy information.

Establishing a privacy policy and obtaining prior consent

We have established a policy regarding the privacy information we hold, and disclose our privacy policy, terms of service, terms of use. On our website for the handling of user information and notify customers and obtain their consent in advance when we use their information. In addition, we have appointed a person in charge of privacy information within each business division to manage the handling of privacy information.

Preventing human rights violations through risk assessment

When using privacy information, we strive to prevent human rights violations by assessing not only whether the information will benefit our customers and serve the public interest, but also whether it will infringe on privacy and cause disadvantages to our customers.

Education Training

In 2020, we conducted information security / cyber security e-learning training for directors, employees, accepted seconded employees, contracted employees, temporary employees, and part-time employees.