Safety management
of field workers

Construction safety manager and safety management

We have appointed a “Construction Safety Manager” to oversee the overall safety of workers at our company and our business partners who cooperate with us on construction projects. The construction safety manager leads the management of safety in base station construction and is responsible for various awareness-raising and promotion activities. Including the formulation of safe work policies, development of management methods, training for workers, monitoring of each affiliated company, and planning of new measures to ensure the safety of on-site workers, including those of our business partners.

Risk analysis and
issue identification

Our safety management consists of a process of risk analysis, identification of issues, and planning of countermeasures by the accident prevention study group, and the following safety measures have been implemented as a result of these studies.

2005– Establishment of construction safety policy and assignment of full time supervisors.
2006– Safety recognition for construction companies.

Promote the use of full harnesses (prior to legalization)

Deployment of safety slogans (every quarter)

2014– Full harness safety belts are now fully mandatory.
2017– A national safety convention (hosted by the company and attended by business partners)

In addition to the above measures, we are also implementing the Safety Pulse Survey and the Continuous Zero Accident Award in fiscal 2020.

The Safety Pulse Survey is designed to visualize the management status of individual construction sites by tracing the status of key safety management items implemented by business partners on a monthly basis.

The Continuous Accident Free Award is given to business partners that have been accident free for a long time and we commend them for their stable business operations and reliable safety management know-how. This year 157 companies were eligible for the award.