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Consideration for children,
the elderly and people with disabilities

Measures to support
the elderly

The “Kantan Smartphone 2,” launched in 2020, is a product under our brand name whose specifications are set by us and whose manufacturing is outsourced to terminal equipment manufacturers. The features of this handset have been developed to support users who are hesitant to switch from existing cell phones to smartphones due to the digital divide and to protect the elderly from criminal activities.

Service Overview
Push-to-support In the event that you are unsure of the operation of the device while using, just press the support button and the device will understand the situation and solve the problem on its own. It also connects to a free dedicated consultation service.
Anti-nuisance phone function If you receive an unwanted call such as an oreore scam, bank transfer scam, or persistent sales call, the system will warn you that the call is dangerous. In addition, if you receive a call, the system will automatically record the voice of the caller as well as the warning guidance to you.
  1. *
    We have already applied for a patent for the voice guidance of the nuisance call prevention function.

Evaluation by an external organization

  • The “Kantan Smartphone 2” and “Simple Smartphone 5” have received the 2020 Good Design Award.
  • The “Kantan SmartPhone 2” has been certified as an excellent security phone by the National Federation of Crime Prevention Associations as a recommended device.

Protection of children and junior generations

In order to protect the human rights of developing users, such as children and junior generations, we develop and provide devices and services that are adapted to the protection required by each generation.

Devices for elementary school students
Kids Phone 2
For elementary school students, we offer the “Kids Phone 2,” which limits its functions to calling and e-mail.
The Kids Phone 2 is equipped with a function that allows you to check the whereabouts of your child at any time, and when the security buzzer is activated, it notifies you of the location and sends you photos of the vicinity, in case of any trouble or crime.

Kids Phone (SoftBank)

Services for the junior generation
Junior Smartphone
For the junior generation, we offer the “Junior Smartphone,” which allows users to change their regular smartphones to junior specifications.
The Junior Smartphone offers a single package of functions to restrict harmful applications, websites and billing, and is designed to protect users from human rights violations on the Internet while allowing them to fully utilize the smartphone functions that the junior generation needs, such as LINE.

Junior smartphone (SoftBank)

Support for children
who have disabilities
in their daily lives

We provide "Assist Guide," a smartphone-based application to support children with disabilities in their daily lives so that their human rights can be respected and their daily lives can be smoother.

Assist guide is an application that allows parents to create a child's schedule and work procedures on their smartphone, which used to be created by the parents themselves, and by visualizing the day's tasks and schedules, it helps children with problems to act alone and show their true potential. Assist guide is a free application that can be used by simply downloading the app. It is compatible with all carriers in Japan.