Occupational Safety and Health Initiative

Basic approach

In order to maintain a working environment in which employees can work with both a healthy mind and body, “Safety and Health Management Rules” have been established for application to the SoftBank Corp. Group. Under a system centered on the Occupational Safety and Health Committee, we set target values and ascertain performance with respect to occupational safety and health as well as promote initiatives across the company and in each workplace to achieve the targets.

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    Scope: SoftBank Corp. and its Group companies

Specific initiatives

Safety and health management in the construction of base stations

As a telecommunications carrier, SoftBank Corp. manages orders for construction to telecommunications construction companies. Since the construction of base stations involves dangerous work in high places, thorough safety and health management is required. In addition to sufficiently ensuring the safety of the work environment, SoftBank Corp. begins construction work after educating the workers involved in the ordered construction about the rules for using the work tools and equipment. Moreover, SoftBank Corp. has enacted its own “Construction Safety Policy” rules to eliminate dangers that workers may not be aware of by enhancing work site monitoring to ensure work site safety. At the same time, safety competitions and video-based safety education activities are carried out together with the telecommunications construction companies to achieve zero accidents during construction.

Emergency preparedness procedures

In the event that an earthquake, typhoon, or other emergency occurs, we have prepared systems to ensure employee safety. When an emergency occurs, an emergency headquarters will be established as needed to enact appropriate measures based on the rules, etc. prescribed by SoftBank Corp. Moreover, we also undertake regular internal training and facility safety measures, etc. to prepare for emergencies. In addition, as a safety measure during ordinary times, drinking water, food, and other daily necessities are stored at sites around the country as part of efforts to build an environment which ensures that employees stay healthy during a disaster.