Social Contribution Initiative

Basic approach

As a company which is leading the information revolution, we utilize our strengths in technology to promote activities which contribute to society. Based on the fundamental sustainability policy, the main themes of our social contribution activities to create a sustainable society are the “promotion of an information society,” “next-generation education,” “support for a diverse society,” “environmental and resource measures,” and “disaster countermeasures and reconstruction support.” While engaging in repeated discussions with stakeholders including everyone in the local community, we sincerely undertake the resolution of social issues and aim to contribute to the achievement of SDGs through our “Beyond Carrier” growth strategy to create a society in which anyone can enjoy a convenient and comfortable lifestyle.

Social contribution related data

Social contribution activity cost data

Item Social contribution activity costs
(In millions)
Implementation of social contribution activity programs 780.9 Includes costs arising from the implementation of CSR activities and the holding of smartphone classes
4.68 Charity White and other donation amounts
35.7 Loan of devices, etc. during a disaster
2105.2 Personnel costs, etc. involved in CSR activities
(Of which) Employee volunteer participation 4.5 Personnel costs involved in volunteer participation
Recycling and other environmental charges 97.5
Other (cooperation with organizations, etc.) 12.4 Cooperation with organizations, etc.
  1. *
    Converted to monetary value

Specific initiatives

Provision of programming education for primary and secondary schools

Programming education became compulsory in primary and secondary schools in 2020. In response to this, SoftBank Corp. is providing opportunities for various types of programming education. As part of those efforts, we started a new “IoT Challenge” education program in FY 2019 which combines Pepper with the micro:bit. The “IoT Challenge” was introduced to 168 primary and secondary schools in FY 2019, helping the children to learn active programming.

Social contribution in recruitment activities

In recruitment activities and employee performance appraisals, we treat people fairly regardless of their social status, social class, academic career, or other aspects of their individual background and strive to provide equal opportunities which are not based on the environment that they were raised in.

Other social contribution activities

See the following regarding other social contribution activities.