Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

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Miki Sada

  • Profile
    I joined SoftBank Corp. as a new graduate and was assigned to this research institute. I am currently working on research and development of interactive technologies for digital art and XR live performances.
  • Research areas
    • Development of interactive technology in the XR live domain using bio data.
  • Major achievements
    • Development of a tool to visualize the results of the HAPS (High Altitude Platform Station) radio wave propagation simulator.
    • Development of new interactive features to be installed on XR live systems.
  • Research areas and achievements as a student

    ■ Papers

    ■ Achievements:

    • Awarded the Academic Incentive Award from the Kyushu branch of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers.
  • The features of SoftBank Research Institute of Advanced Technology

    Regarding our research, while in general, many projects are on a top-down basis, one of the features of our institute is that we are free to conduct research on topics that may not have been initiated as projects, as long as they can contribute to the company's future. Personally, I am interested in biosignals and am currently working on a project that combines XR and biosignals.

    As the saying goes, "seeing is believing," we prioritize demonstrating actual functioning products over simply presenting slides. This is a philosophy that was passed down from the head of our institute, and I have found it to be very true.

    Furthermore, during the development process, we often choose the most suitable methods at that particular time and learn about various technologies in a short term, which I find very interesting.

  • Birthplace/Where I grew up

    Miyama City, Fukuoka/Miyama City and Kumamoto City, Kumamoto

    My friends often ask me why I do not have a driver's license, but I was determined to work in Tokyo and decided not to get one. I also have high hopes for a future where self-driving cars become the norm, so I pray for a world where a driver's license is not necessary as soon as possible!

  • How I spend my days off
    On my days off, I take my beloved "X100V" camera and go out to shoot street photos. Tokyo has many stylish cafes and buildings, so it's fun to hunt for photogenic spots like a treasure hunt. I post the photos I take on a new Instagram account I recently started for photography, along with my favorite quotes. I post in English as a way to practice, and through my photos, my followers can see various landscapes from different countries where they live. It has become a daily pleasure for me.