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  • Yahoo! JAPAN (Japanese only)

    Japan's largest web portal offers a variety of services, including search, auctions, news, weather, sports, e-mail, and shopping.


  • Yahoo! News (Japanese only)

    Compiled from newspapers and wire services.

  • Netallica (Japanese only)

    Entertainment news, romance, and strange events from Japan and around the world that are sure to have you talking.

  • ITmedia (Japanese only)

    IT information portal encompassing diverse content from ITmedia, including highly topical, mostly IT-related articles, news from different media sources, and the latest trends.


  • Yahoo! Game (Japanese only)

    “Learn, play, buy” game site packed full of gaming news, game titles, user reviews, rankings, and screenshots.

  • Puzzle & Dragons (Japanese only)

    A new-style puzzle RPG. Raise monsters and do battle through puzzles. Venture through dungeons around the world with your favorite monsters and encounter legendary dragons.

  • GungHo Games (Japanese only)

    GungHo Games has a rich selection of free online games, from casual game play requiring no installation to hugely popular fantasy online RPGs.

Online video and live streaming

  • GyaO! (Japanese only)

    GyaO! is one of Japan’s largest streaming video websites providing anime, movie trailers, and foreign TV dramas on demand. New releases and must-watch titles updated daily.

  • Ustream

    Anyone can live stream! Anyone with an Internet connection and a webcam can communicate with family, friends, fans, and followers around the world.

  • UULA (Japanese only)

    UULA is an entertainment app providing access to more than 100,000 movies, TV shows, music videos, and original content, all for 467 yen per month.


  • Yahoo! Bookstore (Japanese only)

    Yahoo! Bookstore has a rich library of ebooks including comics, photo collections, and picture books. It is compatible with PCs, iPhone, iPad, and Android™ and many books are available for free.

  • Viewn (Japanese only)

    Alternatively, read top-name women's magazines or check your horoscope on Viewn for Woman.

  • SB Creative (Japanese only)

    Magazines, books, comics, digital content, and other products from SoftBank Creative.


  • Yahoo! Shopping (Japanese only)

    Online shopping mall with a wide selection of goods and the latest information on online deals. T-points can be used for further discounts.

  • YAHUOKU! (Japanese only)

    YAHUOKU! is Japan's biggest online auction, with a truly astonishing number of products for sale. It's simple to buy and sell, so why not give it a go?

  • LOHACO (Japanese only)

    Delivers everything from daily necessities such as bottled water, tea, tissues, and diapers to home electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners, ACs, and heaters. Same day delivery possible. Free shipping for purchases over 1,900 yen.

  • Vector (Japanese only)

    Vector is an online software distribution website with one of Japan's highest number of software registrations. The website provides the latest content through its extensive download library, articles on software, and e-mail updates.

  • Carview! (Japanese only)

    Carview is one of Japan's largest car and motorcycle websites. Users can browse latest models as well as past models and get daily updates on used cars.

Value and convenience

  • Yahoo! Maps (Japanese only)

    Maps and aerial photos covering all of Japan. Search detailed maps by address, postcode, place name, or landmark.

  • Yahoo! Transit (Japanese only)

    Rail, bus, and flight transfer information for routes throughout Japan. Yahoo! Transit also provides information on operation status and schedules.

  • Yahoo! Weather Information (Japanese only)

    Weather and disaster information site providing timely natural disaster information and, of course, weather forecasts.

  • Yahoo! Finance (Japanese only)

    Investment and finance site providing information on Japanese share prices, IPOs, and shareholder benefits in addition to foreign exchange, interest rates, mutual funds, Chinese equities, news, and corporate information.

  • Hot Denpo (Japanese only)

    Send messages of congratulations or condolence with SoftBank Group's Hot Denpo. Available online or by dialing 115 from your phone, Hot Denpo will prepare the most appropriate item and an eloquent message for celebrations such as weddings, or for more solemn or sensitive events.


  • SoftBank HAWKS

    The official website of the Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS, providing latest news, game schedules and results, and team and player information.

  • Yahoo! Sports (Japanese only)

    Yahoo! Sports features breaking stories and results for baseball, soccer, horse racing, F1 and other sports. Browse through the latest sports news from various news agencies.

Education / Personnel

  • Cyber University (Japanese only)

    Students can take lessons on demand and attain a bachelor's degree from home through SoftBank Group's online university. Our unique specialized program fosters IT and business professionals.

  • eCareer (Japanese only)

    A SoftBank Group company operated website that supports career change. Regularly updated information on career opportunities and open positions.


  • OTOKU Line

    Keep your number and switch to OTOKU Line! Various services for corporate customers to reduce basic monthly charges and call rates.

Gambling-permitted public sports

  • Odds Park (Japanese only)

    Bet on regional horse racing, bicycle and auto racing daily! Prizes include carry-over jackpot up to 1.2 billion yen and 600-million yen MotoLoto BIG.

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